Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Eve

Halloween eve was a very busy day for us this year.  First we started with a party at school, then we were off to lunch with daddy. After lunch we headed downtown for downtown's trick-or-treating.  Then it was across town to Zack's swimming practice.  Then back across town again for our church's Halloween light up the night event.  The kids jumped in bounce houses, trick-or-treated, and had hotdogs.  It was a fun filled day!!

Carving Pumpkins

Monday night we did our annual carving pumpkins with our neighbors.  The Roysters hosted us and made us some amazing chili!  After dinner we were crafting away on our pumpkins.  Maddie and Zack painted theirs, while Mr. John and Cooper carved theirs.  Mommy carved one too.  They turned out really cute!!


Monday afternoon was Zack's first swim practice.  This is replacing football for a couple weeks, and then it will be basketball.  He did really well and had fun!

Patterson Farms

Monday we had a field trip to Patterson Farms with Maddie and Zack's school.  We watched a puppet show, fed some animals, made a scarecrow, rode a tractor ride, and picked out some great pumpkins. 

Halloween Cookie Exchange

Sunday we were invited to a Halloween Cookie Exchange Party after church.  I had to make a dozen cookies per child.  I ended up making chocolate chip vampire teeth cookies and monster sugar cookies.  The kids really enjoyed themselves.  They got to do a candy walk, eat some yummy refreshments, and of course eat some yummy cookies.  

Adult Birthday Party

Saturday evening we were back in Mooresville.  We went over to Kayla's cookout birthday party.  Before we had left on our Eastern NC visit, I had finished Kayla's gift.  I bought a cake carrier and then personalized it using vinyl.  I think it turned out really cute!!  Funny story..  I ended up dressing exactly like her and not meaning to.  Thought it was funny!!  

Happy Birthday Kayla!

Josh's Wedding

Friday afternoon we went to a uncle Josh's wedding in downtown Wilmington.  It was a beautiful wedding.  The kids loved getting to see Grampy and Grandma.  All the kids wanted to do the entire reception was dance.  So thank you Grampy and Grandma for dancing with them!!  


Last Thursday we headed towards Sneads ferry after daddy got off work.  Before we left we had to drop off trapper.  Trapper was with us when we went through the drive-through Chick-fil-A.  They saw him and the passenger side seat and gave him a dog treat.  I love Chick-fil-A!!!!  Once we got home packed, gave the kids a bath, then I rolled Maddie's hair.  Then we were off on our long road trip. The kids did great!!

Jacksonville Visit

Friday morning we were off to Jacksonville to visit Grammy, Pop, Great Aunt Madelin, Aunt Sue, and Mimi & Popi.  He kids had a blast playing with Aunt Sue.  They also got to sign Pop's cast.  Pop said that was the first time he let anyone sign his cast, so they were very special.  Then after an amazing lunch the kids watched Toy Story Halloween with Grammy.  It was a great visit!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy birthday Grandma

We want to wish Grandma a Happy Birthday.  We love you!!

P.s.  Sorry, but we forgot to give you your card at the wedding.  We are mailing it, so it will be late, so sorry!!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Dancing Maddie

This video is of Maddie dancing during the ballet portion of class.  It was a really cute "story" that they dance to.  Enjoy!

Maddie Tap Dancing

Last week was Parent Observation at Maddie's dance class.  It was so much fun watching her dance.  My video wasn't always that steady, due to a little boy (Zack) sitting on my lap.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Flag Football Run

This week we tried out the flags during football practice.  Here is Zack running the first drill.  I'm a proud mommy!!

Alabama Souvenirs

As I mentioned I the last post, daddy had a father-son trip with Grampy.  They went to an Alabama football game.  Daddy brought back souviners for the kids.  Maddie got some Pom-poms and Zack got a football.

Pirate Fun

This weekend daddy went out of town on a father-son trip with Grampy.  So Mamaw came to help with the kids, since I had to sing in a wedding.  Mamaw helped clean out my office and try and get it organized.  This is what Zack found.

Football Time

We started football last week.  We are doing a six week sports clinic at the Y for Zack.  It is two weeks of football, two weeks of basketball and two weeks of swimming.  Football has gotten off to a great start!  He loves it!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Open For Business

I am officially opened for business on Etsy!  Woohoo!!  I'm hoping that I will have a few orders a week, (but not too many where I can't keep up, lol).  Here is the website for those that would like to pass it on:

I am selling custom everyday Princess wear for little girls, sizes 3-8.  I'm hoping to add a few more things in the next few months.  Feel free to pass my info on to others!  Thank you all!!

Birthday Shout

We want to wish a special Happy Birthday to Pop!  We love you and hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!! 

Maddie Dancing

On Tuesday's dance class, the teacher said we could sneak a peek for the last 5 minutes.  So enjoy the video of Maddie dancing.  (She is the one in the pink leotard, black tutu, and in between the two boys.)

Daddy's Birthday Gift

Daddy's gift finally came in the mail last week and I put it together Monday.  I'm pretty sure it was possessed while I was putting it together.  A couple times when I was drilling screws in, it would spit black stuff at me.  Very strange!!  So, happy to show off the gift and we are even more excited to try it out who's weekend!!!

UNC vs VT weekend

We have some friends in our Sunday School class that are VT alum and they invited us up to their campus when UNC were going to play them. This couple has an RV and camps out and tailgates before and after the game.  We had a blast, even though we didn't win.  I also have to say a big thank you to Mamaw for watching the kids!!

K9 at School

October the 3rd I got to sub at the pre-k and it just happen to be the day where an officer and a K-9 officer were coming. I ENJOYED it so much!  I think I learned more than the kids.  Here are a few pics from the day.

Zack Playing Soccer

Here is a video of Zack's favorite drill at soccer, called Fastest Dribbler.  Enjoy Zack!

Zack's Last Soccer Practice

On October the 2nd was Zack's last soccer practice.  After the practice they had a celebration with giving all the players a t-shirt and a medal.  Zack was so proud of his medal that he took it to show-n-tell the next day at school.  He really enjoyed soccer and the coach.  Coach Rodderick, was just wonderful with all the kids!  We actually signed him up for the next clinic which is a trio of sports in 6 weeks.  The first two weeks will be football, then basketball, followed by swimming.  This all starts next Momday.