Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Back to Reality

This past weekend was wonderful! I got to spend four whole days with my family. Thursday I got to see all of my mom's family which was nice. Then Thursday, my sister and I were one of those crazy people up at 4:00 am to find the deals. By 10:00 am we were done and we had a nice nap at home. On Saturday we got to go to Concord/Kanapolis to see my cousin's new house and shop at the HUGE Concord Mall, where we did much more shopping. Sunday was just as great, but a little sad after we had to say our goodbyes. here is my "April" story that happened Monday/Tuesday. Mike and I are going to a ball Saturday so I had ordered a ball gown off the internet (side note, I had Mike measure me). It came in Monday. I go to try it on and it is too short and too big. Yeah! So yesterday I was on a mission to find a dress. I found one, but it needed hemming. So now I'm still crossing my fingers it will be ready in time for Saturday night's ball.