Friday, June 28, 2013

Hair Cut

We went to visit Silly scissors today.  Zack desperately needed a haircut and it was Silly Scissors last day at their current location.  So we took full advantage!!

Hot Night

Wednesday we came home to discover that our air conditioner was not working.  It was over 86 degrees in our house.  The kids did GREAT!  They slept fine and weren't too cranky until we got it fixed, which wasn't until Thursday afternoon.  We have such troopers!!

Lake Fun

I don't have pics yet (aunt crystal took them all).  We had a blast at Mrs. Erica and Mr Chris's house!!  On Saturday we went swimming in the lake, road in the boat again, and we got pulled in a raft by the boat.  Zack and Uncle Dean went really fast and Zack kept yelling for us to go faster, which scared mommy!!  Then Maddie went but lasted all of two seconds before she decided she was done!  Then Zack got back in with Mrs Erica.  We ended up stopping and they flipped out which scares Zack and he was done after that!  We had so much fun hanging out.  After the kids went down for bed, us adults played board games and then went swimming again.  Uncle Dean and I had a most creative jump contest.  Uncle Dean won with His Sleepy Time jump.  He jumped off the pier on his side like he was sleeping.  It was funny!!  It was a great time with great friends!!

Sweet Frog Cuties

This week the kids got spoiled!  Not only did we get to go to Sweet Frog for yogurt, but we got to go twice in one week!!  They love it!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lake Fun

I am behind on posts and I apologize.  I hope to catch up this coming week!  However, I have a funny story that I had to share before I forgot!

Yesterday after Mike got off work we all drive down to Moss Lake to visit our friends Chris and Erica.  Auntie Crystal and Uncle Dean came too!  Well after dinner we all decided to take a late evening boat ride and watch the sun go down.  While we were out there someone suggested to let the kids drive. Chris thinking that they probably didn't know how got up and let Zack sit in his seat.  (He thought Zack might just play with the wheel and that was it.). Zack sat down immediately and pushed the throttle all the way down and we went flying!!  Everyone was taken back and Chris had to try and jump back in the seat to slow the boat down.  Zack was smiling the whole time!  We all just laughed so hard.  Every chance he got he pushed the gas down hard!  Yes I am going to have my hands full with this one!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Smoothy Lovers

Tonight after dinner I made smoothies and shared with the kids.  Zack said "I like water and milk, but I LOVE smoodies".  It made me giggle and Maddie too.  Here they are enjoying their treats, notice Zack's smoothy mustache.

My Trouble Makers

I hate that I did not take pictures of this...but in the heat of the moment mommy wasn't too happy (though I did think about it, but I had left my phone downstairs).

This week the kids are getting earlier than normal because I have choir camp all week and they have to go with me.  So today I asked them to go to their own rooms and take a nap.  Then I said as long as they are in their own rooms with the door shut they don't have to nap just have to be quiet.  So 1.5 hours later I said they could come downstairs.  That's when I see Maddie with black eyeliner all around her eye and half down her cheek.  I stayed calm and asked her to show me wheat she got into.  She went into my room and I saw it...there was makeup foundation all over my dresser.  On my nightstand was an opened mascara bottle and black liquid all over my nightstand.  I asked who did this and of course Maddie said Zack did.  Zack came in my room and he too was covered with makeup.  After my yelling and punishments, I now find it quite funny!!  So wish I had evidence for blackmail later!

Firefly Catchers

Friday night after dinner we got to Mamaw and Papaw's house to discover tons and tons of fireflies (lightning bugs as I used to call them).  I was so excited!!  Since we live in a busy development we don't really see that many, if at all.  So when we saw them we ran out and caught some.  The kids LOVED it.  They kept saying the next time we need to get a jar to put them in.

Asheboro Fun

Thursday we made a quick trip to Asheboro to see Papaw for Father's Day. We took him out to dinner at Westmoore Family Restaurant.  We had a delicious dinner.  Then we gave Papaw our gifts.  We had so much fun!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

I want to wish a VERY Happy Father's Day to four fantastic fathers! My dad (Papaw), who is my hero! Grampy (Mike's dad) who raised the perfect husband of mine! Pop (mike's bonus dad) thank you for being great. And to my hubby, my kids father who made me a mother, thank you for being such an amazing daddy!! Love you all and Happy Father's Day to the rest of the fathers out there!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Date Night

Saturday after the birthday party the kids went with Mamaw back to our house and daddy and I went out for a date.  We went to The Cheesecake Factory in Charlotte and had a WONDERFUL dinner!!  It was so delicious!!  Afterwards we walked around part of the mall.  It was huge and I wasn't wearing walking shoes.  We then came home and rented a movie to watch with Mamaw.  Thank Mamaw!!  We love you!!

Birthday Party

Saturday we went to our friend Katelyn's birthday party.  She had it at Gymboree and we had a blast!


Friday Mamaw came up for a visit to help mommy clean out the garage.  For lunch we decided to go to Chick-fil-a.  We got to see the cow!  Not only did we give him hugs and high fives, he also came and sat with us!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Today, president Obama will be speaking at the middle school across from our house.  Everything is shut down so...we went out all we could yesterday.  We took a trip to the library. The kids plate on the computer, played games and picked out 2 books each.  Maddie picked out a princess book and a pinkalicious book.  Zack picked out a dinosaur and a dragon book.  I love that my kids love to read!!

Pantene Challenge

I have always wanted to donate my hair.  A little over two months ago I looked into what was required.  I discovered that there was Locks of Love and Pantene.  I asked around and found out that Locks of Love charge cancer patients for their wigs (which really angered me!).  I also discovered that Locks of Love required 12" of hair while Pantene only required 8".  So I asked around for some beauticians and found out that there was a girl in our church.  Tuesday I finally went and got it all chopped off.  I had over 10l.  Maybe up to 12".  The lady (Josie) said that she suspects with the thickness of my hair it should almost make a whole wig by itself.  Pretty cool!  So...without further adieu... Here it is:

Dress Up

We played dress up on Tuesday!  I had a pirate that held me captive and a princess sing me songs!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Enjoying the Pool

It was a hot day yesterday so we drug out the pool!  I'm not brave enough to go to our neighborhood pool yet.  They love the kiddie pool here so I'm happy!


We had a visit from Mamaw and Papaw Saturday.  They were nice enough to bring us our cow (meat not living kind,lol).  We grilled out and enjoyed the beautiful weather!!