Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Maddie Shooting Basket

This is video of Maddie shooting for the first time in practice:

Zack Shooting

This is video of Zack shooting at practice on Monday:

Basketball kids

On Monday we started basketball, in what is the last stint of our 6 week sports clinic.  They both did great.  I think both will really like basketball!

Jamaica-day 5

Sunday was our going home day.  Enter sad sigh here!  I was excited to see the kids though!  We woke up early, had our luggage out in the hall (they load it for you) ate breakfast, then we were off to the airport.  Once we were at the airport and through security, we ha lunch at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville before we left.  It was my last Jamaican meal!  Once we boarded the plain we had a 3 hr flight home.  Customs was rediculously packed, so we got home around 6:30.  We were welcomed home with some hugs and kisses from Maddie and Zack.

Thank you Amy and Michael for watching the kids for us.  Thank you Claire and Gregory for suggesting the trip.  It was beautiful and a very relaxing trip!!

Jamaica-Day 4

Saturday, our last day on the beach.  We decided to go kayaking.  Claire and I in one kayak and Mike by himself.  Poor Gregory, didn't feel well, so he slept in.  While we were out we say a huge stingray and starfish.  I didnt bring my underwater camera, so no photos.  After our kayak adventure we soaked up some rays until the daily lunch rain.  Once the rain was done we then went out on a glass bottom boat and saw more stingrays, starfish, and several fish and coral.

After the boat ride we or ready and had a date with a professional photographer.  He was a LOT of fun!  After pictures we took in one of the best buffet meals I ha ever had in my life!!  We watched a show and then mike and I turned in early.  We were exhausted and I had to start packing.  

Jamaica-Day 3

Friday, we did the repeat of Thursday as far as the day went, except no massage. We laid out until it rained, which was around lunch.  During lunch we played some trivia and hung out.  I went and laid out again.  I took in a beach ball volleyball match and read a book. Later that night we had dinner reservations at a more upscale restaurant.  Again, the food was just too good to describe.  After dinner, we went and watched a steel-drum band perform.  Then we went upstairs and partook in kaoroke night.  Another wonderful day!

Jamaica-Day 2

On Thursday, mike and I went to the gym to try and work off some of the amazing food.  Then afterwards we went for breakfast and ate more of the food, haha!  Then we were all out on the beach to soak up some rays.  Around 12:30ish or 1:00pm it started to rain, so we went and got lunch.  In telling you, the Jerk Beef burgers were amazing!  After lunch we had a couples massage.  Since, the couple before us showed up late, and wasn't done, Mike and I got to have our massages out in the beach hut for no extra cost.  It was amazing.  Then, we went back to get ready for dinner.

  I know it sounds like all we did was eat, but honestly, we did more.  However, we did eat a LOT!  The dinner was out on the beach Thursday night.  It was beautiful!  They ha lots of entertainment too.  They had a small band, a man breathing fire, and then a large band playing all kinds of dance hits.  Around 10, us four hit the piano bar to sing with Thomas (the piano player) again. After someone would sing he would immediately say "that was beau-TEE-ful, beau-TEE-ful, beau-TEE-ful".  He got me to sing 3 songs that night.  Since he would be off Friday and Saturday night, I made sure to get a picture with him before we left.

Jamaica - Day 1

Mike and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary this year.  To commemorate the event, we decided to take a big trip.  Another one of our friends (Claire and Gregory Fuller) are also celebrating 10 years and mentioned that we should all go to where they went on their honeymoon, Couples Resort in Negril, Jamaica.  So we did!

We left early Wednesday (21st) morning.  Once we landed in Jamaica, we had a 1.5 hour bus ride to our resort.  So we got to see a lot of the country.  It was a huge difference from USA in that there really is no middle class there. There were rich people and then poor people.  Beautiful scenery though!  

Once we checked in, we had an amazing lunch, took a nap, then enjoyed their amazing dinner.  We took in a show and then went to the piano bar to sing out some tunes.  It was a really fun night!!!

Maddie Medals

Tuesday, the 20th, we had Maddie's dance award ceremony.  She received a medal for dancing for the whole year.  She was so cute standing up there!

Meeting Miss Emma

On Sunday the 18th, we got a special treat and went to go meet Miss Emma!  She is a beautiful little girl and we can't wait to help spoil her!!!!

Grilling Out

Saturday night the 17th, we were invited over to Ms Pam and Mr J.R.'s house (aka Andrew and Steven's house, which are their kids).  The kids loved playing and us adults had a blast catching up!

My dancing Queen

On the day of Maddie's recital, we had a visit from Grampy and Mamaw.  We went to the high school gym to watch Miss Maddie do her thing!  After her performance, we ended up sneaking out and going downtown to the Nascar Days Festival (Spring festival in Mo-ville).  We had so much fun!!

My Tiny Dancer

Maddie at her dance recital on May 17, 2014.  I was one proud momma!

Monday, May 12, 2014


We started swimming today.  We will be doing 2 weeks of lessons as part of our 6 week sports clinic.  We shall see how much they retain.