Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's the Great Pumpkin Carving Party

Last night we held a Pumpkin Carving Party. We had Sarah, Ed, Brandi, Graham, Crystal, Bane, Claire, Gregory over for a spooky dinner and then carve pumpkins. Below are my two pumpkins... The first one is a pumpkin with braces and the next is Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc.

For dinner we had Pork Tenderloin Monsters, Mashed "boo"tatoes, Deviled Spiders (eggs), Mummy Dogs, and Spider Cupcakes. Our drinks that we served were Blood Red Punch with floating hands and Pina "Ghou"lata's.
Our Dining room was all decked out with spooky spiders, skeletons and candles. The drink glasses were all rimmed with red syrup so it looked like dripping blood. My candles at the table were white dripping blood.
My living room was also decked out with creepy crawlers and candles. I had cockroaches crawling up the right of the fireplace and centipedes were on the bottom. Then I had spiders on the left and on my wreath.
After dinner everyone carved their own pumpkins. I think everyone had a lot of fun. We had some really good pumpkins at the end!!
Today Mamaw is here for a little while and I'm going to try and dress up Maddie and Zack and take a lot of pictures. If it is nice I might take them to our church's Trunk or Treat and then to a couple of our neighbor's houses to show them their outfits (we don't want any candy!!).

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Pam!

Today is Grandma Pam's birthday and we all wanted to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Above are my little pumpkins...more to come in the next few days of our Halloween Bash!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Trip to J-ville

This past weekend was the twins' first trip to Jacksonville. We arrived Friday night and just in time for their last feeding and Gram and Pop (Debbie and Greg) were willing to help. Due to them sleeping on the way it was not a good night of sleep. Every 30-45 minutes Maddie kept waking up and crying. Mike and I took turns going and trying to get her to quiet down. On Saturday we hung out in the morning and then in the evening Grampy and Grandma (Mike and Pam) came over to babysit while Gram, Pop, Michael and I attended a wedding. Unfortunately, they left before we returned so I was not able to take pictures of them with Zack and Maddie, but we will be there for Thanksgiving and I will be getting LOTS of pictures then!

Sunday we had a few visitors. Great Aunt Sue came over and then Pappy and Mimi (I think that is what they are wanting to be called, it was Zack and Maddie's great-grandparents, aka Shirley and Whitey). We had to leave a little early to go pick up Trapper. Below are a couple of pictures of Zack and Maddie the way we see them when we are driving. We have a mirror so that we can see them while we drive.

Zack and Maddie are now able to hold their heads up! YEAH!! So I'm now putting them in the Bumbo chairs to sit them up. However, they don't like it for very long right now. I think when they learn that they can pick up toys with their hands they will like it better.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Trip and Doc Update

So this past weekend the twins got to take their first trip to Asheboro. We all left Friday night and arrived to Mamaw and Great Aunt Sharon (Papaw was on his way home from a Men's church retreat).

Saturday Mamaw and Papaw did the morning feeding. Then they had SEVERAL guests: Auntie Crystal, Great Aunt Sharon, Great Aunt Susan, Cousins Samantha, Kaylee and Lizzie, Grandma Callicutt, Great Grandma Meiers, Uncle Dean, David, Wyleen, and of course mom and dad where there. They just did so wonderful.

Sunday was their first trip to High Pine Wesleyan (which is our home church away from home). Everyone was very excited to see them there. After church we had a special dinner at Great Grandpa Graves' house. Great Aunts Sharon, Barbara and Sandra all came with Uncle Jerry. Also cousins Stephanie, George, Joseph, Victoria, Elizabeth, and Brandon were there. It was SO wonderful showing the twins off.

Monday was their two month check up and first round of immunizations. The twins are growing SO much. Zack now weighs in at 9lbs 7oz and Maddie is at 9lbs 14oz. They took their shots well (as well as to be expected) and won't have to go back until 4 months.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Best

Today was a very big day. Today the twins turned two months, it was homecoming at our church, and it was the twins' first time to church. Mommy had to sing at church so she had to go early. Poor daddy had to get up and feed them and then get them ready all by himself. He did a FANTASTIC job! I had the best time showing them off. They did GREAT during the service. Once I sat down after singing, Zack started to get a little fussy, so I picked him up and he was fine after that. After church we had a dinner to celebrate homecoming. That is where everyone crowded around to watch them sleep in their carriers. Then once we got home, mommy decided to take some pictures for their scrapbooks. Some turned out very good, so enjoy!

Grandparents and aunts/uncles...I have pictures for you. I have their one month portraits in and will be mailing those out soon (hopefully this week). I'm thinking about ordering a couple of the ones I took today. If you like any of them let me know and I can get a couple for you. LOVE YOU ALL!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Smiley Faces

I have FINALLY caught the smiley faces on camera! For the last few weeks everytime someone would smile I would try to get the camera out and take their picture. However, as soon as I would pull out the camera they would look at me like "what do you think you are doing?" They would give me this blank stare. BUT, this week I carefully snuck up on them and took the picture before they could change their smile into a mad look. I also have another picture of both Mike and Zack "posing" in the same way. ENJOY!!

Tomorrow will be TWO months! I can't believe it! We can finally start taking them out (our Doc told us we should wait until they are two months before we take them anywhere). Tomorrow will be their first trip to church. Then over the next few weeks will be their first trips to Asheboro and Jacksonville, so for all the family that will be in those areas we WANT to see you all!!