Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 1 of Disney

On the first day of our Disney experience we were up early.  We had a reservation to eat breakfast with Mickey at Chef Mickey's restaurant.  The kids loved it!  They got to meet Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto.  I thought the funniest part was when the kids were getting a picture with Donald, Zack had his Mickey ears on and Donald stole them.  He later blamed it on Cayden.  Zack thought that was so funny!  The kids ate really well, then we were off to Epcot!

At Epcot we got to meet a lot of characters.  We met Mulan in China, Snow White in Germany, Belle in France, Aladdin and Jasmine in Morroco, Princess Aurora in France, Mary Poppins and Alice in The United Kingdom, and Chip and Dale in the US.  We also got to see Minnie and Pluto in one of the secret locations.  I think the kids really enjoyed meeting all of them.  Princess Aurora was the most personal with Maddie and Zack and they chatted longer and gave out bigger hugs to her.  After the meet and greets, we rode under the sea and then we did Talk with Crush.  We all loved the Talk with Crush because it was very interactive and funny.  Then we headed home for dinner and "rest".  Which the kids didn't rest, but somehow found their second (maybe third or fourth) wind.  Later we headed back to Epcot for the light/fireworks show.  Uncle Michael and I rode Test Track while they waited.  It was fun!  Then the kids enjoyed the fireworks show.  That night EVERYONE slept good!!!

Drive down to disney

Saturday morning we were on the road by 8am.  We ended up taking a break for lunch at aunt Stacy's house.  The kids rode bikes and played.  Then we were back on the road until we made it to Orlando.  Once we were there the kids all played and were just so excited until we finally fell asleep!!

1 Day until Disney

I am so behind and I have a lot to post, so bear with me!  On our Day 1 until Disney, we had to Pack the car!

The kids had a lot of fun helping me!!  Then we were off to Aunt Amy's house, where we immediately went to bed.  Only they didn't, because they were so excited about seeing Disney!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

3 & 2 Days Left

Forgot to post yesterday.  Yesterday we made a giant bag of trail mix and today we made Mickey rice Krispy treats.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

4 Days 'til Disney World

Our activity of the day was to make Mickey Mouse brownies.  Maddie had fun helping mommy make them.  

Monday, March 17, 2014

Zack's Shirts

Since I am making dresses for Maddie, I felt that it was only fair to Zack if I made him some shirts.  I asked him what he wanted.  We went to Hobby Lobby to look at fabric.  We found Cars and Planes fabric, which I used with Mickey ears.  The one he wanted the most?  It was an Oozma Kappa shirt from Monster's University.  I don't even know how he got the idea, but here is what I came up with once he told me.

5 Days Until Disney

We are so close!!!  Our activity of the day is to pack.  Why am I having them pack this early?  Because I am netorious for forgetting something.  I felt that if I started packing this early I can remember things and still have time to pack them.  :)

Here are the kids helping me pack for them.

6 Days Away

On day 6 we got Disney tattoos.  I could only find "boy" Disney movie tattoos, so Maddie didn't want to get one.  I think though she has changed her mind today, but we will see.  Here is Zack sporting a Car's tattoo.

7 Days Away

On Day 7 we were to pick out our favorite Disney snack at the grocery store to pack for our trip.  Maddie picked out Tinkerbell gummies and Zack picked out Monster's University gummies.  We are getting super excited!! 

8 Days Away

On day 8 we were to drop off Trapper at Mamaw and Papaw's house.  We stayed the night and enjoyed our time with them.  On Saturday, we went out to eat at a seafood restaurant.  The restaurant had a fountain so Maddie and Zack both had lots of wishes thrown in, thanks to Mamaw and Papaw for giving them lots of change, lol!! 

Thank you Mamaw and Papaw for watching Trapper.  We will see you at Disney!  Love you!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Disney shirts

I am now complete in making Disney shirts for all the gang that is going to Disney with us.  I have made 17 shirts in the last 2 weeks.  I might have to make 3 more.  I pulled a major April moment yesterday!  I went to the post office to mail out Amy and Stacy's family shirts, because I'm worried about the fit for the kids. I had all 8 shirts in one arm and trying to get the kids out of the car with he other arm.  It was raining too.  I got one of the kids out and I felt the shirts slip out of my arm.  The top 3 landed in a puddle of mud.  I was literally feet from the post office door.  Ahhhh!!!  So, they all 3 happen to belong to Amy.  So Amy, I am soooooo sorry and I will be happy to make 3 new ones. Just make sure they fit.  I mailed them anyway, b/c I can always bring the new ones with me down to Florida.  

Anyway, here are the shirts.  I didn't take pics of the Rhymer or Maysonet families' before I mailed them, but they look the same.  

9 Days Away

We are in single is getting real now!!!  Yay!!!!  I'm not sure who is more excited, the kids or me!?!?

Today's activity is dance to Disney music.  So, I put on the Disney station on Pandora and the kids and I got down to serious dancing!!!  The pics are a little blury, they were really groovin'!

Day 11 and 10

On day 11 of our Disney countdown, we went to the store to buy glow in the dark necklace for Disney world.  

Our day 10 activity was to pick out our favorite stuffed toy to bring to Disney.  Maddie and Zack both picked out their Mickey and Minnie stuffed toys.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Disney countdown continues

It has been a very busy house these last few days.  Day 17 we decorated page covers to put in our notebook for our keepsakes.  Day 16 we decorated water bottles with Mickey shaped letters (pic to come later).  Day 15 we made disney luggage tags (picture to come).  Day 14 we watched daddy's favorite disney movie, which was Aladdin.  Day 13 make a Mickey shaped pizza.  Day12 is watch mommy's favorite disney movie.  Since the kids went to stay with Mamaw and papaw this weekend we are actually doing 12 and 13 today.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dr. Seuss Character

JToday is Dr. Seuss character day.  So, of course I pulled out last year's outfits. Meet Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Maybe next year I will do something different...maybe.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dr Seuss Week

This week at school is Dr. Seuss week.  They are to do something silly every day. Today was crazy hair day.  What do you think?

18 Days 'Til Mickey

Today we are eating Mickey shaped pancakes.  I forgot to go get a cookie cutter, so it was by hand.  Not the best shaped Mickey's, but the kids knew who it was.  Score!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Trophy Winner

Saturday was Zack's last basketball practice/game day.  All the kids received a small trophy, which Zack has still not put down.  He even is sleeping with it.  He improved so much just in the few weeks he played.

19 days Left

Today we were to go to the store and get a travel box and decorate it for the car trip down to Disney.  We went to Walmart and got a nice scrapbook box to keep our books, crayons and a few other things in on our way to Disney.  Then once we were home, we had fun decorating them!!

Disney Countdown Update

Well, I knew my weeks would be crazy, so I apologize for not posting daily.  I'm trying to do better.  Some of the past days we have read Maddie's favorite Disney book, read Zack's favorite Disney book, put a Disney puzzle together, and a few other things.  Mommy is currently making shirts.  I will post as soon as I complete one.  Enjoy the pics!

Getting My Run On

Sunday, I was back to running.  I completed my 10 mile run.  Only 3.1 miles to go!