Sunday, July 31, 2011


Zack officially has a cold. Now Mike and I are also coming down with a cold. I think I got rid of one just about a week ago and now I am back to the constant coughing, sneezing, etc. I'm still constantly searching for any bumps and still praying for healthy kids. I read that the Hand, Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) incubation period (time from coming in contact to actual symptoms) is 3-7 days. So if we make it to Wednesday we are in the clear. So keep us in your prayers. There are now seven kids that are confirmed to have/had the mess from the church we were at for MOPS. Not to mention both the twins that we had a play date on Tuesday have it as well.

I'm looking forward to all the sicknesses to be gone!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Girls vs. Boys

Today we did something we have never done before but we will do again. We had mommy/daughter and father/son time. We split them up. Daddy took Zack to get a hair cut and Maddie went with mommy shopping. I think we all had a great time. It was nice to get some one on one time. Next mommy and daddy will switch kids.
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Holding Our Breath

The last two weeks we have had a few play dates and several MOPS meetings (which means nursery). Before our meeting Wednesday I got a message telling me that one of the little boys in the group had come down with hand, foot & mouth disease. I really didn't think anything of it. A few weeks before another little boy had it too. Then last night I heard that another kid in the group had it. Then two more today. So I'm now inspecting the kids CONSTANTLY! I had never even heard of this disease/virus until the first kid had it. I also got a call from Stacy today and she gave me Aaden's symptoms and I immediately knew he had the mess too. So she took him to the doctor today and sure enough he does. I am so scared that Maddie & Zack are going to get it. Apparently it is going around like a wild fire. There are outbreaks everywhere (according to Aaden's doc). It is very contagious. There usually is a rash that looks like pimples on the hands, feet, and/or mouth. It can get in the mouth (which is painful for the child and they have a hard time eating/drinking). It also can come with a fever. It lasts 3-10 days.

Today Zack woke up with a runny nose and I'm on full alert! I have been giving him breathing treatments every 4 hours. I'm hoping I can ward off an attack. I don't think he is coming down with HFM, I think he has caught my cold. So keep us in your thoughts. I'm hoping we will not have sicklings on their birthday party day and we have to skip the party.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Play Date

Today we had a play date with one of the other Twin MOPS moms and her two girls. We played indoors and then went and got into their kiddie pool. Poor Maddie got bit by an ant so we weren't the happiest of girls. She got bit all the way down her side. Then the ant went down and bit my leg twice. So this was one angry bug! I of course left my camera and then I didn't even think about taking a picture with my phone. Oh well. After our swimming fun we went inside for lunch. After lunch Maddie, Zack and I headed to WalMart to pick up some supplies for their upcoming birthday party. Then we came home to watch Toy Story 2. We just love Buzz, Woody and the rest of the gang!! Thanks Dena for letting us come over today!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birthday crazy

Usually when I throw a party I plan well in advance. I even work on things for months during the kids' naps and/or bedtimes. The twins are going to be 2 in less than 2 weeks and it has snuck up on me. I haven't really worked on anything until Friday I realized that I had 15 days until the party. So I have been going crazy doing birthday planning. We are planning a Sesame Street party so when I am working on anything the kids want to play with it right away! So funny!!

We are getting super excited! I just can't believe I already have two 2 year olds! Where has the time gone?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Maddie Update

So Maddie has gained another pound, which is a good thing. However, Maddie is (according to the doctor) far from her expected weight based on her height on the growth scale. She wanted me to schedule another appointment in 2 months so she can keep monitoring her. If she doesn't keep going up in weight then she might have to put a camera down her throat to see what is going on.

Mike and I have discussed the issues and we think we are going to watch her over the next month and if she keeps gaining weight we are not going to schedule the appointment. However, if she doesn't gain any weight then we will make the calls. Thanks so much for the prayers.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Please say a prayer

Tomorrow Maddie has another gastro appointment. I honestly know in my heart of hearts that Maddie is completely healthy. She is a normal (almost) 2 year old. She goes through spells of not wanting to eat sometimes just like any other toddler. But my frustrating issues is that I have doctors breathing down my back that if she doesn't gain the appropriate amount of weight than they are going to have to "run tests", put her on meds, or do surgery. So it has put an enormous amount of stress on me over these last few months. I know tomorrow's appointment is coming and I immediately get tense if she misses a calorie or two. Today in MOPS class I broke down and started crying and begging for advice on what to do. I think they probably think I'm crazy! So if everyone could do me a big favor, will you please say a prayer for us tomorrow. Her appointment is at 9am. I will try and update the blog tomorrow afternoon when we get back. I did get some great advice today from some wonderful mothers. I think the best advice came from a fellow twin mother..."I am my kids advocate and if I think they are fine than just tell the doctors NO!" So tomorrow if Maddie hasn't gained a pound or two than I think I'm going to just tell them that I'm fine with that. Her blood work is normal. The endocrinologist says she is fine and I think she is going to be small because that is her genetic makeup and on top of that she is a twin. The other twin mother told me her daughter was a little smaller than Maddie on her 2nd birthday so not to worry. I think I might even switch doctors if this issue doesn't resolve and we come to a close.

Again, say a prayer for us!

Minnie Mouse weekend

On Saturday we were invited to our friend Jenna's 2nd birthday party. Her party was a Minnie Mouse party.

Over the last few months our new favorite shows/movies are Toy Story and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I love that they love Mickey. The show really promotes counting, shapes and observations.

So when we got the invitation I knew that would have a blast at the party, and they did. They played with bubbles, jumped on a trampoline, and just in general hung out and played. Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Week

Sorry for the delay of posts this week. Last Thursday I caught a cold and I am still battling it. I tried running Monday I just couldn't breathe with the humidity and my cold. I did get one in today, but I'm hoping that I am on the tail end of the cold.

This picture below is of the kids "drumming" on a container I have. They are loving to drum!

The kids are snuggling with mommy trying to help her feel better.

On Wednesday we had a play date with the MOPS group at the Discovery Kids Place. The kids love it there. I on the other hand had my hands full with being sick, and two of them and one of me. So we didn't last long there, but I did get a few good pics.

I had to share this picture. For the past month and a half Maddie has been terrified of water. She hates baths, pools, oceans, etc. So when we walked into the door at Discovery Place where is the last place you would think she would want to do? That crazy girl ran straight for the water to play. So BIZARRE!

On Thursday we had an appointment to get the kids 2 year portraits done. It was so stressful! They were behind so we got pushed into lunch time so we broke down crying quite a bit. The photographer was so nice and worked with us. She was great! The only problem was that their system was down so I can't post the pics online until I go and pic them up in two weeks. The pics that we got did turn out really good and I can't wait to post them!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Seven years ago today I married the man of my dreams. It has been the most amazing, wonderful, crazy, fantastic seven years of my life. Here is to many, many, many, many, many more years of fun! I love you Michael! Love, April

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 8th

Friday the weather didn't cooperate to go play outside so we decided to take the kids to SC's Children Museum in Myrtle. They had a blast!

The first station was a grocery/restaurant where they played with food.

Aaden enjoyed the dinosaurs and other small animals.

Zack counting money. Is he his father's son or what?
Then we headed to the auto area. This is Aaden driving the pizza truck and Maddie climbing into the front seat with him.
Here is Zack driving a punch bug.
Then we jumped into a boat. There was a lifeboat set up on a waterbed so the kids felt like they were really on water.

Our favorite station was probably the bubbles.

They had an area where you got to make a bubble that you are in. Here is Aaden and Zack showing you how to do it.

Another station was the medical station. Here is Maddie working on a baby doll.

They had this huge stuffed guy which you can take out the insides.

I think I found his ailment. He has Zack'itis. Do you see him? He crawled into his stomach.
Then we made pizza.