Monday, June 21, 2010

New Ride

That's right...the Nowell's have a new car. We got a Chevrolet Traverse. I have been looking at 3 row vehicles since we found out we were having twins. Our new car has (my favorite feature) a rear view camera. Which means when I back up, I can see everything behind me in my rear view mirror. Other perks are all wheel drive, dual DVD players, and rear sensors. I love it!! And, I'm excited we got it before the 4th.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One "Tee"rific Dad!

Happy Father's Day!! Here is what the kids and I got for Michael.

He is going on a golfing trip this coming weekend, so we got him some snacks, golf equipment (tees, balls, glove, etc) and cupcakes. There is a pic above of the kids with their daddy. Happy Father's Day to one "Par"fect dad!! (Sorry honey, I know that was corny, but you that is why you married me right?)

Also we wanted to send out a Happy Father's Day shout out to our dads. We love you Grampy, Papaw and Pop!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Recent Videos

Below are a few videos taken in the last two weeks. The first is when Mamaw was here and the twins were making fun noises.

The next two are Zack's attempts at crawling. The second...well you will have to see. I can see he is his father's son, because he is really doing the worm.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The twins go crawling two by two

Hooray!! I have another baby officially on the loose. That is right Zack is crawling. I can't get it on video tape yet. Every time I get the video camera out he just stops and stares at me. So I will keep trying and will post ASAP!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Some cute pics

It has been some kinda crazy here at the Nowell household. With Zack giving us a scare last week. (He is doing MUCH better, thank you for thoughts and prayers) And this week we have VBS every night and I'm charge of skits and putting up a different background everyday. are a few pics that have happened over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

BTW. We are talking now, much more than just baby talk. Maddie can say Ma-ma, Da-da, hi. Zack has said Ma-ma and bye-bye. I don't think they know what they are saying, but it is fun to hear them say the words.

Maddie drinking from Momma's cup

Zack scooted into his toy bin.

Maddie playing on our little swing set.

Zack swinging

Friday, June 4, 2010

10 Months

Today Madelin and Zachary are 10 months old. I'll tell is getting harder and harder to sit them down to take pictures. Since they are now mobile, they don't sit still very long!! I took 120 pictures just to get these 3!!

Madelin ~ She is now pulling up/climbing up on everything!!! She LOVES to hit/smack/pull/bite/hurt bubba (Brother)! I will tell her no and pull her away, but she goes right back to doing it. So my next task is to teach them the word NO and that means to stop. She is really starting to test her boundaries. She is really close to waving hi and bye. If she has certain people waving hi or bye to her she will wave back. She still loves to read, which makes me happy. Michael and I have discovered that Maddie is a daredevil! She isn't afraid of anything, which scares us to death!!!! She doesn't fear falling, flying, or anything! She will try and jump off of you while you are holding her and it doesn't phase her at all. Actually while I was typing this she was going back and forth from pulling up on the couch and coffee table. Well there is a pillow behind her and she is letting go then turning and diving head first into the pillow. We know she is doing this on purpose because she has now done this three times in a row.

Zachary ~ He is starting to scoot around on his bottom. Or when he is on his belly he "crawls" backwards (he kind of pushes himself backwards). He pulls up on some things, but other things he isn't quite sure about. He is a little timid about things. He, unlike sissy, has fallen and gotten hurt a couple of times (nothing terrible, just a busted lip here and there), so he is much more timid about things. Now that Maddie tries to beat up on him, he is slowly learning to fight back. If she gets near his legs, he will kick her back. Zack also loves to read. He and Maddie will sometimes fight over who can turn the page faster, so if you don't know the book by heart, then you will have to guess. He is starting to get a little jealous of Maddie climbing and crawling to toys that are his favorites. I'm hoping that it will only motivate him more to crawl or walk.

Memorial Weekend

We had a busy Memorial weekend! Friday after Mike got off work we loaded the car and headed to Castle Hayne. The twins usually will fall asleep after 10 minutes in the car, but not on this trip. After about ten minutes the next 30 minutes were filled with cries. So I finally hopped in the back seat and helped them with their bottles and started playing Your Baby Can Read on the portable DVD player. That kept them quiet until we got their. After a few minutes of hellos, it was time to put the kids down for the night. On Saturday the men went to go get some soft shell crabs. After they got back, I went to take a trip to WalMart to pick up the rest of the pictures I ordered. After lunch we took the twins down to the river. They got to see ducks for the first time. I left my camera, but luckily grampy brought his. As soon as I get those pictures I will put them up. Saturday night we had those soft shell crabs (delicious!!). Sunday we were up early. After breakfast we had to say goodbye to grandma and grampy and head to Jacksonville. We dropped off the twins to Gram and Great-Aunt Sue while Mike and I had to head to Durham for a wedding. My former college roommate was getting married. She had a Hindu wedding at 2 and then a formal Jewish Ceremony at 7pm. We could only stay for the Hindu wedding, but it was really neat to see different cultures! On Monday we spent some time with Amy, Michael, Callie, and Cayden, along with Gram and Pop. At noon we had a cookout. All of Gram's sisters got to come over with their husbands along with Great-Great Aunt Madelin. After the meal we had to pack up and say goodbye to everyone. The weekend was just too short!! Below are a few pictures that I took from the cookout. I will put up the pics from Castle Hayne as soon as I get them.