Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Go Heels

Over the weekend I have lost my voice due to a cold.  So last night I played hookie from choir practice and instead went to watch the UNC game with the alumni club here in Mo-ville.  I of course had to dress up my two favorite tarheel fans!

Everybody go Surfing

The kids are really starting to get good at sharing.  Sometime a little over a week ago the kids found an inflatable ball that was not inflated.  Maddie immediately said it was her surfboard. (I have no idea where she has learned what a surfboard even was).  Without me even asking they started taking turns surfing.  It was so cute, and I thought I would share:

Quick Fun Visit

Today we had a quick visit from cousins Callie and Cayden, and Aunt Amy, and Grammy.  They were at our house today when we got home from school.  We were able to eat lunch together and play for a little while before they had to leave and we had to go take a nap.  Here are the pictures of our goodbye hugs.  So sweet!!

Birthday Shout

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE SISTER!!!  We love you so much Stacy!

Celebrating my Sister

Over the weekend we were in Asheboro to celebrate Stacy's birthday.  Friday afternoon we had a Mary Kay party (Stacy is now a MK consultant) and then we went out to karaoke.  Then Saturday we went shopping in the morning, then hung around the house, and then out to Chilli's for dinner. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Our First Trip to the ER

To say we had an interesting evening would be a major understatement! Around 6:00PM the kids were running and chasing each other. They came racing into the kitchen when Maddie tripped and fell, hitting her head on the corner of our counter. I freaked out because immediately her head swelled and she was screaming. I was home alone so I called Mike to meet us at the ER. Once she was seen by the doc we finally breathed. She is fine. They ruled it as a minor concussion. We have to follow up with a pediatrician tomorrow. Oh did it give mommy a scare!

My April Story of the Weekend

This past weekend I had a baby shower to do.  Well...Thursday night my oven died.  So here I am Saturday morning calling everyone I know in Mo-ville asking if I could use their oven.  Luckily my wonderful neighbor, Tracy said I could come on over and use hers.  Then...on the way to church I made a right hand turn to sharp and then I heard cupcake carrier flipped over.  All my cupcakes icing was now on the carrier.  So before the shower, here I am taking a knife scraping the lid and trying to put icing back on each cupcake.  By the end of the day I couldn't stand to look at those cupcakes.  LOL!!

Let's all go to the Movies

Saturday we took the kids to see their first movie in the theater. We took them to see their current obsession Beauty and the Beast. They did really well! We took them to see the non 3D because we didn't think they would keep the glasses on their head. When we got out Zack's first sentence was "let's watch Beauty & the Beast again!". Zack just loves to roar like the Beast!

The children's museum

Friday Grammy and I took the kids to the children's museum in Huntersville, which gave Pop a chance to get together with a friend that lives close by. The kids always love the museum! It was so much fun!

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Please be patient with me about pictures.  Blogger on the go was not working for me this past weekend.  I have several photos to upload, but for some reason they weren't sending from my phone.  I will TRY and download them today.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Merry Christmas Grammy & Pop

We had our Christmas with Grammy & Pop last night.  Grammy & Pop came in to visit yesterday and will be here to hang out with us for a couple of days.  The kids got to open their gifts from all the aunts and uncles and then also Grammy & Pop.  They are just SOOOOOO blessed.  They really racked up this year.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lunch & A Movie

Today after church we got a visit from Mamaw & Papaw.  They brought us lunch and we watched (on DVD not the new 3D in theaters) Beauty & The Beast.  This is the kids newest obsession.  We went for about 2 months of Lion King and we are now on Beauty & The Beast.  Once the movie was over the kids had to take a nap and Mamaw and Papaw had to get back home.  Thank you so much for the visit and the lunch & movie!  We love you!

Merry Christmas Grampy & Grandma

No, the title was not a mistake.  Yes, I realize it is January.  Since we were all (except Maddie) sick with the stomach bug, we decided not to infect Michael's side of the family with the horrible mess.  Grampy & Grandma came to see us yesterday and delivered some Christmas gifts to the kiddos.  Maddie received a purse with a small pony in it, a mommy & baby kit (it has a baby, a stroller for the baby, a crib, and the stroller can turn into a rocker), and a pair of pajamas.  Zack received a Fisher Price barn with all the animals in it, a Cars pop up tent, and a pair of pajamas.  Maddie had gotten a princess pop up tent for Christmas from one of the get-together events we had and Zack didn't so we actually had been hiding hers until we got his yesterday.  It turned out perfectly! 

Grampy & Grandma got here right before nap time which gave them a chance to rest while the kids took their nap.  After the kids awoke, they opened gifts then played tickle monster with Grampy and Grandma, while mommy made dinner.  They had such a fun time!  After dinner we played some more.  Grampy and Grandma left this morning before we had to leave for church.  Thank you so much for visiting us and for the wonderful gifts!  We love you!!