Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Service

Today during the second service the kids (3 & 4 year old choir) sang. They did two songs. The first one was great. The second was good, but unfortunately you won't see a great video, as I was having a hard time not laughing. The reason for my laughter? Well you know the stories of girls singing and then lifting their dresses above their heads. Well I have a similar story, only it wasn't my daughter. And instead of lifting a dress it was my son sticking his hands down his pants. In the video you can here me trying to get his attention. It was so funny! Yes, I was a proud mommy today!

Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny made a visit last night! Maddie and Zack must have been good! They got some books, candy, movie, and a game. After they opened their baskets they then got to hunt a few eggs around the house. Then after breakfast we were off to church. He is Risen!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

School Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday was the kids Easter Egg Hunt. They had a blast finding eggs. In class they painted egg cartons to hold their eggs, which turned out so cute. Enjoy the pics!

Grammy and Pop Easter

Yesterday another gift came in the mail. It was from Grammy and Pop. Mommy gave it to the kids to open this morning. They got some bath crayons and immediately told me that they (themselves) were dirty and they needed a bath. So I took them upstairs so they could play with their bath crayons. Thanks Grammy and Pop!!

Grampy and Grandma Easter Gifts

Yesterday the kids got a special package in the mail. They got a box from Grampy and Grandma. Now, I was not here (I was out with some ladies at church) so unfortunately there are no pictures of them opening the gifts. I do however have a picture of them showing the toys off to me this morning. Zack got a bunch of cars and stickers and Maddie received a Tinkerbell and tinker kitchen set. Thank you Grampy and Grandma!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Church Easter Egg Hunt

Last night at church the kids had an Easter egg hunt. Since I was in student choir, a friend was sweet enough to take pictures and send them to me. Apparently they got to meet the Easter Bunny too!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bunnies vs Chicks Race

Here is the video for yesterday's party.

Easter Fun

Yesterday was the kid's Easter party. I ended up getting called in to sub, so I didn't get to enjoy the party, but I did do a little set up. I went to the dollar store and purchased some wind up toys (bunnies and chicks). We had the kid take one each and race them. I think they had fun!

Monday, March 25, 2013

All our hair is gone

Today I took the kids to get a much needed haircut!! Maddie got about 4 inches off and Zack got almost a buzz cut! It was such a HUGE difference and I wouldn't have recognized Zack if I hadn't watched the lady cut his hair! There is a before and after pic below!

Visit from Mamaw and Papaw

This past weekend our church performed The Living Lord's Supper. There was drama parts by all the disciples and then some music from the choir. Mamaw and Papaw came up on Saturday to watch and to give their Easter gifts to Maddie and Zack. Boy did they get a LOT of candy! And then they ate a LOT of candy, lol!!! We had fun spending time with them, thanks Mamaw and Papaw! Have a safe trip next weekend!

Chickfila Night

Every Wednesday we do dinner at church. This past Wednesday we ordered out from Chickfila and we had a surprise visit from the Chickfila cow! He handed out little plush cows to all the kids. It was so neat!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ready for Spring

Yesterday we got out for a little while to enjoy the sun. It was really windy so we weren't out too long but we had fun coloring with sidewalk chalk!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dentist Visit

Today the kids had their bi-yearly dentist appointment. The kids were great and the dentist was impressed with their teeth. They both got to pick out something from the treasure chest for doing so great. Maddie picked out a pink pretend watch and Zack picked out a rubber bug. So funny! I was a proud mommy!

ACC Championship Game

If you would have told me the Heels would be at the championship game at the beginning of the season I would have told you, you were crazy! However, luckily we got it together mid season and started looking like a team! So Sunday was exciting. Unfortunately we didn't win, but it was such a great game!! The lead changed at least 20 times and several ties. So it was constantly back and forth. We just ran out of steam the last couple minutes.

After the game, Mamaw was sweet enough to meet us in Greensboro with Trapper and the kids.

ACC Tourney day 3

To thank dad (papaw) for watching the kids for us on Thursday and Friday, we invited him to come watch the two games on Saturday. Luckily the Heels held out and won their game and Miami won theirs. We got there early so we could enjoy Fanfest again! This time I got my face painted and made a Go Heels sign. So much fun!!

ACC Tourney day 2

On day 2 Mike and I were back to enjoy all 4 games. However, the last game was the Tarheel's game. We actually had dinner with some friends from Mooresville and enjoyed a Heels victory!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 1 of ACC Tourney

Yesterday Michael and I were at the ACC Tourney for day 1. We were there early to hang out at the Fanfest tent. We had a blast in there. They had prizes and freebies galore! Then we got to watch 4 basketball games. Fun, fun, fun! Looking forward to today's games, especially those Heels!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Paint Night

Saturday night I was invited to go to a paint session with some ladies from church. Seeing as this was the UNC vs. Dook game I had second thoughts, but due to the outcome glad I got to go have fun!!! We had a blast and all the paintings turned out great!

UNC Fans

Saturday we all were ready to cheer on the Heels. Just wished the Heels were ready to play, lol!! After the lunch the kids and I had to head home, but we had so much fun with Aunt Stacy, Mamaw, Papaw, and cousins Aaden and Bentley.

Quick Visit

Thursday after school the kids and I headed to Mamaw and Papaw's house. Aunt Stacy and the boys came up for a quick visit. We had so much fun playing!! We hadn't seen them since Christmas so it was great to see them. Friday, Mamaw and Papaw took off so they could spend time with all the kids. Since it was cold and the kids REALY needed to burn some energy we took them to a bounce house. We all had a blast!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dr Seuss

Today was Dr Seuss day at the twins' preschool. We dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2. They had a blast! They got to read several books at school. Some of their first books were Dr Seuss.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Seuss Week

This week at school they are honoring Dr Seuss. Today is "silly hat" day. So here are the kids in their silly hats!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mace Story

So just shy of two years ago I posted about a near dog attack while I was running. So after that my protective hubby went out and got me some mace. For a little over a year I ran with it, but never saw dogs again so I stopped carrying it with me. Saturday I got ready to run and Mike insisted I take my mace even though I didn't want to. Thankful he did because another dog came after me. He didn't get as close as the dog before but I was soooooo grateful that I had my mace!!!! So lucky I have such a wonderful hubby who cares about my safety!!

Dirty 30 Party

Saturday we went to a surprise 30th party for a friend. I helped do a little decorating (just added a few details to the cake) while Mike kept the guest of honor away from the house while we were getting ready. Poor guys were out playing golf in the snow. Here are some pictures. Btw...Steven (birthday boy) is in road construction so his wife Kayla used this as her party inspiration!