Saturday, May 30, 2015

Patriotic Run

The Sweatts are visiting us this weekend.  Crystal and I ran in a 5K this morning that was a fundraiser for my church.  It was a Patriotic theme, so we made shirts last night.  It was a lot of fun, even if it was all up hill!!!  😉

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Some News/Prayer Request

I sincerely apologize for the EXTREME laziness on my part to update this blog.  School has officially ended (today as a matter of fact) and I plan on being better over the summer.  

Unfortunately, I have to share some troubling news.  I don't want to post on FB yet, but I would like everyone to be in prayers for my dad.  Three years ago, he had his 2nd knee replacement.  Immediately, he began to have trouble with it.  He tried to go in, but the surgeon was on maternity leave and the doctor filling in just kind of waved dad off saying that he needed to give it time.  Well, my dad got discouraged and never went back, even though the pain and swelling got worse.  Finally, we talked him into seeing someone this past month.  He has discovered that the artificial knee caused an infection.  The infection has become so severe that it has deteriorated his bones.  So, on June 9th, dad will be going in to remove his knee.  He will be given antibiotics for three months via IV and hopefully that will heal the infection.  IF and only IF, the infection clears, then the surgeon will have to go in and build a bone and put in a new knee cap.  We are praying that this works!!!!  

The other alternatives are them fusing the bone together (no bend in his knee), or the drastic one is amputation.  This has been a real blow to my dad who is EXTREMELY active.  We know that God is is in the miracle business and we are asking for one!  Please, say a prayer for him!  Thanks!!