Saturday, August 27, 2011

Going for a bike ride

Today seems to be one of the only Saturdays we were home this summer. I'm sure there were a couple more, but it has been rare! So, since we had no plans...we took the kids out to try and teach them how to ride their new tricycles. I think Maddie hasn't quite gotten the grasp of keeping her feet on the pedals. I'm not sure she can reach them that well once they get to the bottom. Zack is starting to understand the pedals, but not the steering thing. They did have fun though!! After the bikes they played with their motorized cars and then daddy pulled them in their wagon. Fun morning!!!

Hanging with Mamaw

Over the summer Mamaw's work was on summer hours, which meant that she has been off every other Friday. Yesterday was her last Friday of the summer so she decided to come to Mooresville to hang with us. We ended up taking the kids to Discovery Place. We had so much fun.

After their nap, Mamaw watched Maddie while I took Zack to his Ear doctor appointment. He did really well. His left ear, the tube is about out, so if he has any more infections we will have to reassess putting another tube in. Hopefully, we will not have to worry about it. The right ear looks great.

Thanks Mamaw for coming to visit!

Bounce it out

Last Saturday we went down to Greenville, SC to celebrate Callie's birthday. She had her birthday party at a place called GiggleBugs, which is a chain that has a bunch of bounce houses. The kids LOVED it! As soon as we got their Zack was just a itching to go bouncing. So he jumped in with Grampy and had no fear. Maddie was a little skittish, so daddy went and bounced with her for a while, but after she realized how much fun it was to bounce we couldn't get her to stop. After the party we went to Aunt Amy and Uncle Michael's house to nap, hang out and play. The cousins had such a great time together. It was a wonderful day!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our First Dentist Visit

Today we took a trip to the Pediatric Dentist here in Mooresville. I didn't have high expectations, especially since kids hate the dentist and my two don't like doctors to begin with. But, it wasn't too bad. Yes they cried and I had to hold them when they were being looked at, but it could have been worse and for that I am thankful. I only got a picture of Zack in the chair because Maddie wouldn't let me put her down for one second. Both of them have great teeth and he was impressed at how well they brush their teeth. The dentist was very nice and even had a Toy Story scrub on (the kids' favorite movie). He told me that at their age they did a terrific job. I'm very proud of both of them. Hopefully our good teeth habits continue!
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Shout!!

We wanted to wish Auntie Crystal a happy birthday! Happy Birthday Auntie Crystal!!! We love you!!

You have to turn this WAY up, but here is Maddie singing the Happy Birthday song!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 3 of Holden

On Tuesday we all went to the beach again. This time it only took Maddie about 10 minutes to realize that I wasn't going to throw her in the ocean. After building sand castles we started collecting sea shells. All of the kids loved carrying buckets around looking for shells.

A close up of the sea turtle nest
That evening I got to bike with the kids. It was so much fun. I hadn't been on a bike before the I got married.

We enjoyed our trip so much. It was wonderful to spend time with the Troutman family. Thank you so much for inviting us down to share in your family vacation!!

Day 2 at Holden

On Monday, Mike and Michael went golfing. So Amanda, William, Jenna, the twins, and I did some new adventures. So the Troutmans showed us how to go crabbing. William and Amanda baited the traps and we ended up catching 7 crabs overall. In between crabbing the kids (minus Maddie) went for a bike ride with Amanda. Maddie didn't like the looks of the buggy that the bike pulls, so I watched her while the rest went biking.

Day 1 at Holden

Sunday was our first full day at Holden Beach. After we all had breakfast we headed to the beach to enjoy the ocean. Like the last beach trip, Maddie was petrified of the ocean. She was terrified that I was going to throw her in the ocean. So after about 30 minutes of clinging to me she finally relaxed enough to build sand castles with mommy. While we were building sand castles Zack played in the ocean with daddy. He loved the water!! We went in for lunch and put the kids down for a nap. That night after dinner we played outside. We played with chalk on the driveway, the kids rode their bikes/tricycles, and us adults talked. It was a very nice start to our vacation.

This is Jenna and Zack being pushed by Zack. (This is how we got to the beach)

Maddie and Zack inspecting a sea turtle's nest.