Saturday, February 28, 2009

UNC Here we come!!

I am so excited today. We have tickets to the UNC vs. GT basketball game. I haven't seen an actual ACC game at UNC since college. We are usually only able to get preseason tickets because they are just so hard to come by. We have awesome tickets, we are in the 25th row behind the UNC bench, so look for us, we might be on TV.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Update on Stem Parties

So after I made my post about Stem Parties, the exact same day they made me their featured post. I even have quotes in there. How Cool? Make sure you check it out: Stacy...your baby shower has now made it to stardom.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Featured on Stem Parties

So there is a website that I get a lot of my ideas for showers and parties that I will every now and then throw. of my pics for Stacy's baby shower made it to their website. If you'll take a look at the February 13th post you will notice a very familiar picture. The first picture is Stacy's shower. I thought it was very cool to be featured on my favorite site. So I feel a little famous. To compare check back in my November blog.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Some Exciting News!

For the past three months Mike and I have been keeping a BIG secret. We can finally announce we are expecting a baby at the end of August (the 25th to be exact), so we are a little over 12 weeks now. We are over the moon and in complete shock that this is finally happening for us. Yesterday we went to the doctor where we got to hear the little heart beat. It is a sound that I will never forget. Tears were immediately in both of our eyes.

After experiencing a loss, we wanted to make sure that everything was completely healthy with this pregnancy before we let the cat out of the bag. Being able to finally tell everyone has been the best part. Phone calls, text messages, in person, emails have been SUPER fun! For those that knew how long we have been struggling with this thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued love, support and prayers. We ask that you continue to remember us and we will be updating the blog when we find out any more news. We go back in 4 weeks for our first ultrasound since we found out. Our doc said yesterday that we "should" be able to find out the sex then if baby Nowell will cooperate. We do however have a pic of our first ultrasound back at 6 weeks. It looks more like an egg with a dot in the middle. there is a second egg in the pic, but there wasn't a heartbeat in it, and yesterday we only heard one heartbeat, which we are still ecstatic about.