Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!! Today we have spooked out!! We had ghost pancakes for breakfast, ghost pb&j and monster cookies and marshmallow pops for lunch. After dinner we went downtown for some trick or treating. Then we went to church for our Light the Night festival. The kids bounces in bounce houses and got more candy. Then we headed home. I was going to take them to a few houses but it was just too cold and they had plenty of candy!!! So they helped us give out candy. They loved it!!

Halloween School Monster Mash

Yesterday was the kids school party. I posted earlier that I was again room mom and I was planning the party. Well...the kids loved it, and so did the adults. We had great food (all the parents provided something) and we had some fun games. I pulled out my old Sesame street games and I also made a "Pin the eye on the Monster" game. The kids LOVED playing that one. In fact they played it over and over again. Enjoy some of the pics. I will have more details about the party on my party blog later.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Birthday Shout

We want to wish Grandma a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  We love you and can't wait to see you soon!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Adult Halloween Fun

Saturday night (thanks Mamaw for watching the kids), Auntie Crystal, Uncle Dean, Mike and I got dressed up in our Halloween Costumes and hit the town of Charlotte. We had a blast!!! We entered into a costume contest at Howl at the Moon. There was two separate divisions, men and women. For the men, Mike came sooooo close to being a winner (top 3 got prizes). He came in 4th place, but it was sooooo close. (The winners were based on cheers.) For the women, you won't believe it but I came in 2nd place! I got over $250 in cash and prizes!! It was a lot of fun!!! So, Crystal was Elle Woods from Leagally Blonde, Dean was Forrest Gump, I was All the way Mae from A League of their Own, and Mike was Allan from The Hangover. I must admit, even though he didn't place, Mike's costume was the biggest hit. He was asked all night to get his picture taken.

Party Fun

Saturday the kids were invited to a birthday party for Olivia, a friend at church. She had games, crafts and food. What more could you ask for?

Pumpkin Carving

Friday night we were invited to go carve pumpkins at our neighbor's house. For the kids I have them markers and then the adults did a pumpkin. It was fun! Can you guess which ones were ours?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Field trip

Yesterday was the kids school trip to Patterson Farms and their pumpkin patch. We got to see a puppet show, feed some animals, stuff a scarecrow, ride a tractor ride, and then pick out pumpkins. The kids had a blast!

Sticker monster

The sticker monster attacked me this morning! Zack loves to put stickers on anything and everything! He doesn't stop at one! I ended up with 15 stickers up my arm this morning.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Foot In The Door

Late Monday night I got a text from one of the teachers at the preschool Maddie and Zack attend. She stated that she wouldn't be able to go into work and asked if I minded subbing in for her. I jumped at the chance, not knowing what class she taught or age group, well anything really. In the future I will be looking for something part time while the kids will be going to school and I don't want to hire a sitter or day care so I thought about doing something that has the same hours, and working at the preschool sounded perfect!!! Back at the beginning of school year I took a sub class to get certified and there were TONS of women in this class most were former teachers and everything so I didn't think that I had a chance. (This school has a long line of teachers and you only get in subbing first.) So again when I got the message I jumped! I found out later that it was the Mom's Morning Out class, which is the 12 month - 24 month class. I had 6 kids with the assistant Miss Rachel. They were wonderful and I had a blast!!! So I'm hoping in the future I can sub again. That way in a year or two I can make my way as a teacher at the school!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Craziness

I have been super busy the last few weeks getting ready for Halloween.  I have made a few costumes (3 to be exact), plan a couple of parties, and spend time with family.  First, I have decided to make some costumes this year.  Why?  I don't know...I have grown to love my sewing machine I guess.  I have made Maddie's princess dress, our nephew's (Cayden) costume, and I am currently making my costume.  After our Trunk or Treat adventure on Saturday I have also decided to fix poor Zack's costume.  The thing was WAY to short and tight.  So I will be coming up with a way to fix it. 

I was asked to throw another Halloween Bash this year and I was all for it.  However, due to no one RSVPing we might be canceling this party.  Which I am very disappointed in, but my bestie, Crystal, has made feel much better about it.  She said if we don't have a party here we can go out to a costume contest and all our hard work will not be wasted.  I was also asked to be Room Mom again this year for the kids' class.  So, that means I am also planning their Halloween Party that will be next week.  I am VERY excited about this party.  I posted a Sneak Peek on my party blog site: Party Right Now.  I am currently trying to make games and crafts for them to do at the party.  I think they will love it!

I have to post some pics of the costumes that I have made so far.  I am just so excited that I actually made something!!  Maddie in her princess dress and Cayden in his Boots costume.  Aren't they cute models?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Festival

Saturday we went to a Halloween Fall Festival/Trunk or Treat at a church that we have our MOPS meetings at.  The kids had a BLAST.  I loved it!  Everything was completely free for the kids (and adults).  I was so impressed!  Food, games, and crafts!  We just had so much fun!  Thanks for Mamaw for coming to help wrangle them!!

Trying on our Costumes

We are SOOOO ready for Halloween (well momma needs to work on Zack's a little)!

P.S. Maddie's costume (and two others) is just one of many reasons I have been behind on blogging.  Lots going on right now.  I will be sharing soon!

Cousin Fun

The four eating dinner, well, more like playing with dinner!

Dan Nicholas Park

Sunday, the 14th after church we headed to the Dan Nicholas Park in Kannapolis.  They have a train, Merry go round, and playgrounds.  We all had a blast!