Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Death Warmed Over

Well the Nowell household has not been a fun location this week.  Sunday morning, Zack woke up with the stomach bug.  Mike was out of town and I was VERY grateful that my mom was at my house, because I had to sing a solo at church.  There was no way I could have brought Zack with me.  So she graciously offered to stay at home with him.  Then Monday night around 9pm, poor Maddie came down with the nasty mess.  Then around 11pm, it hit me.  Then around 1am it hit Mike.  We were all so pitiful!!  Since I am the mom, I still had to somehow roll out of bed and change sheets, get Zack to school and try and get better so I could sing at a banquet last night.  Today's tasks are to Clorox and Lysol EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Winner, Winner

On Monday night at practice, Maddie received the spirit stick for Saturday's game.  We are so proud!!  Way to go Maddie!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sneak Peak

Here is Zack trying on his "hair" this weekend.  If you know what Zack is into right now, you can probably guess what he is going to be for Halloween.  The actual clothing I think will give it away.  It will take me a while though to make that!  Can you guess what/who he is going to be?

Game Day Number 2

Yesterday was Storm's 2nd game.  They played the Wildcats from BAYA league.  Zack ended up playing a lot yesterday.  He was played tight end on offense and he played mostly middle linebacker on D.  Storm won 13-0, making us 2-0.  Way to go Storm!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Halloween costume making

Yes, it is only September.  However, this mom has two kids that have requested some very elaborate costumes, so I have to start early.  Before I know it I will be having to start in December for the next Halloween.  Haha!!

So, I was sworn to secrecy what they will be, but I wanted to share a small hint for Maddie's costume this year.  This is her wig.  I started by unwinding a full speil of yarn and then I sewed it onto old top of Maddie's dance tights to make a wig cap.  Once it was sewn in place, it was time to start braiding and placing onto the mannequin.  I used fabric glue to keep the wig more natural, but I hot glued the bun in place.  Once the glue dried, I also added a hair band.  Then started painting using acrylic paint.  I painted everything a dark grey, then kept getting lighter and lighter to add more depth.  Have any guesses as to what she will be?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sunday Snapchat Fun

Every Sunday morning while Mike and myself (most mornings Zack too) are doing mic check, Maddie steals my phone to play with Snapchat filters.  What is Snapchat?  It is an app that has ALL kinds of crazy filters that change daily.  It's real purpose was created so you can send pics that get deleted immediately after being sent, but we don't send any pictures and we end up saving a ton when the kids play with the filters. I say a ton for a reason!!!  Once I get my phone back I have deleted upwards of 50 before.  I always end up saving some because they are just so cute!!  Here are a few from the last month or so...

1st official game

Saturday was our first game day.  The kids were VERY lucky to get to have so many visitors!!  We had a surprise visit from Aunt Stacy and the boys due to Hurricane Irma.  Then we had Mamaw and Papaw and Grampy drove in to watch the game.  Storm dominated!!  They won 25-0.  Zack pretty much played defense the entire game.  There were 2 snaps that he played offense but both were to take a knee to end the half and the game.  On defense he played middle linebacker.  I have some video but not sure how to share yet.  I plan to figure that out soon.

While Zack was playing, Maddie was cheering.  She did so well!!!  I have video of a few of her cheers too and plan on posting soon.  Go Storm!!!