Friday, October 27, 2017

School Trunk or Treat

Costumes are completed!  We went out last night to show them off.  Park View Elementary had their annual Trunk or Treat.  Last year I had a very upset little girl because her brother had so many people interested in his costume but not hers.  She asked why everyone wanted just his picture.  I told her that “while you are a very pretty witch, Zack’s costume is unique and people were just excited to see something different.”  So when it came time to chose a costume this year, Maddie wanted unique!  Zack knew immediately he wanted to be a wrestler.  He really wanted to go as Ric Flair and I did my costume research I saw that Ric only entered the arena in a feather boa robe and his wrestling undies.  I didn’t want people to think that he was trying to dress up like an old lady with a robe, so we talked him into amore distinguishable  wrestler based on clothes.  We gave options and he chose Macho Man Randy Savage.  Maddie took a lot longer to come up with her costume.  She wanted unique.  So we researched and researched and finally came across something back in Late August that she was happy with.  Her original concept was a weeping angel from Dr. Who, but we didn’t want scary angel, so we changed it to a Guardian Angel Statue.  However, if you ask Maddie what she is, she will simply just say an angel statue.  

Last night they both were a huge hit!!  We had several people asking to get both their pictures.  We had a cop stop Zack so he could get his picture taken with him.  We had several teachers say that they both were amazing.  One of the teachers said “I didn’t think you could top last years, but you did it”.  We also ended up getting lots of praises about how beautiful or how cool their costumes were.  

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

So close

I am so close to being completed with both Maddie and Zack's costume.  I am officially done with Zack's bottoms and SO close to the top.  I hope to be done by tonight...THEN I can finally work on mine, lol!!  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Dirt in the Skirt

I can cross off Tough Mudder from my "to run" list.  Stacy came up with her friend Josh and we ran as team Dirt in the Skirt.  Of course I made A Legaue of their Own Costumes for the occasion.  It was fun.  It was HARD, but it was fun.  I won't be doing that race again though.  It was very unorganized and for our completetion we only got a headband. Every mud run I have ever ran in, you get a medal, and for the price we paid, we were expecting medals.  I lost my bib in the second obstacle, so I don't have anything to hang on my bib/medal holder.  Oh well.  I will say that the obstacles were tough.  It was a lot of running!!!!  We did the Tough Mudder 1/2, because I didn't want to do the electric shock and ice plunge (which is the Tough Mudder Full).  I did enjoy a few of the obstacles like the Block Ness Monster.  There were a lot of walls to scale and LOTS of mud.  I got hurt right after the first obstacle (I slid down an embankment and a root sliced up the back of my hamstring) so doing the 11 other obstacles and running the next 5 miles was not that comfortable.  Oh to be back in my 20's again, lol!!

Storm Update

Well another game, another win by Storm!  Yesterday they won 13-0.  Zack played Offensive tight end and outside linebacker on D.  The girls did a great job on their halftime dance again!  I would like to report that these sweet boys gave all the girls a rose before the game.  Zack gave Maddie her rose.  So sweet!!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Costume Tease

I have finally gotten a chance to sew Maddie's dress today.  The structure is complete, however there is one major thing I have left to do to it, but can't without revealing the actual costume.  Think you know what it is now?

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Storm Update 

Today the Rookie Storm returned back in the winner column.  Zack played SO well!!  He ended up playing almost the entire game.  He played the following positions: Defense End, Running Back and Offensive Tight End.  Yes, you read that correctly....he was on the LINE!!  He did great!  He had to go up against boys WAY bigger than him (twice his weight) and he held his own.  He had one play where he blocked for the QB who ran it in for a TD.  They won against the Pirates 18-6.

Maddie did a fantastic job at cheering today.  The girls performed their halftime dance for the first time today.  They were great!!!

Click here to watch Maddie: Rookie Storm Dance

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tough Loss

So, this past weekend Storm received their first loss in three seasons.  It was a very close game.  Both teams traded touchdown after touchdown.  Unfortunately, storm missed their extra point after a touchdown two times. They were down by two with two minutes left. They were able to drive the ball down the field and had 2.4 seconds left on the 17 yard line. They threw the ball into the end zone, but unfortunately did not catch the ball. I think if these two teams played again, then Storm could come out on top. They were to evenly matched teams.  Here is a picture of Maddie giving Zach a hug after the game.