Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Parent Teacher Conference

Today we had a parent teacher conference with the kids' teachers.  She told us that they are right where they need to be.  They both skip the same number when counting to 20 (twin thing I guess...it is the number 16), they skip 16 and head straight to 20 and then can count to 25 and up.  We need to work on sounds of all our letters.  She said they are wonderful kids and they never have tantrums and always the best behaved kids.  YAY!!  We are very happy and proud parents!!

Cayden's Birthday Party

Saturday was Cayden's birthday party.  The kids had a BLAST running around a gym and the directors were great at doing group activities.  They were so smart to one activity, let them play, another activity, free play, and it kept going like this for a while.  I thought this was awesome because a 3 year old's attention span is seriously not long!  So here are some pictures of the kids playing!

Lazy 5 Field Trip

(Sorry I'm behind) On Friday the preschool took a field trip to Lazy 5 Ranch. The kids LOVED it! Here are a few pictures from the day!

Friday, April 26, 2013

WAM Kids Musical

The musical on Wednesday night went GREAT!  The kids did such a great job!  Poor daddy didn't get a chance to video tape because he was watching the twins (I understand this task is difficult!).  So I do have a short video of one song.  The video was taken by a parent so it was mostly taping their child.  Enjoy the music!

Grampy & Grandma visit

Yesterday we had a special visit from Grampy and Grandma. They came by right after the kids got out of school and stayed for a few hours (they were on their way home from Morganton). They played outside with the kids. They played bubbles, baseball, and played with chalk. It was a blast to hang out with them, even if it was only a couple of hours! Thank you for swinging by!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More Pics from the Mud

This afternoon Rugged Maniac sent out pics of all the runners during the mud run that they (professional photographer) took.  So here are a few that you didn't see from the previous post.  On the huge slide, somehow I got turned around and ended up landing in the mud backwards on my belly.  Yep, pure talent!  Then I also have a shot of me jumping the fire.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ready for Musical

Today while the kids were in school, I helped decorate for our musical tomorrow night. It looks great. The title is Race To Win. The story of two racers learning that the big picture is you should be racing on God's Team. My pics aren't the best but there is pictures of the "video camera" I made out of a cardboard box and all my signs. Tomorrow night is the big performance!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Mud Run

Okay, I'm still alive! On Saturday I was one of those crazy idiots to do the Rugged Maniac Mud Run. There were 7 foot walls to scale, mud pits to swim in, barb wire trenches, and so much more! Crystal and I started out in tutus, but about 2.2 miles they met their match against all that mud and we lost them. It was hard, but fun stating that I did it!! Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Birthday Shout

We want to wish Grammy a happy birthday!! We love you and can't wait to see you this coming weekend!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sneak Peek

I have 9 out of 10 things done today. So...here is a sneak peek of costumes Crystal and I will be wearing tomorrow!

My Flaws

Yes, even I have flaws! (Lol). I have learned over the last few days my biggest flaw. I have several, but my biggest? I have learned that I need to learn this word...it is two letters and starts with an N and ends in an O. Yes, I need to learn how to us the word NO! These last few weeks have just been crazy! I am literally living day to day trying to make sure I can get everything done. I am a teacher in our WAM's Student choir at church. Our musical is next Wednesday. I was asked to get funding for costumes (tshirts) and whatever we didn't get free to go buy. Of course when I go shopping, I have to take the kids. So over the last weeks I have tracked down 25 yellow shirts (has to be same yellow, sizes youth small-adult large) and 25 blue shirts (again has to be the same color blue in sizes from youth small-adult large) always with two 3 year olds. I then was asked to make video camera out of cardboard box (pictures to come, it actually turned out good), paint 3 banners, and learn 2 songs to teach the kids (I've already done this, but struggle to remember movements all the time). I had my party last weekend, so everything has been pushed back (plus a lot was asked last minute). I was asked to help with picture day at school on Tuesday and then asked to sub on Thursday. I'm in Asheboro today because I am running in a mud run tomorrow. Crystal and I are dressing in costume so I also have to sew two shirts (decals) and make some tutus. If that wasn't enough I've also been asked to be in charge of Teacher Appreciation week in 2 weeks. Did I mention I also have to help with a field trip next week to Lazy 5, parent teacher conference, Mother's Day gifts for MOPS, and make a birthday gift? So after teacher appreciation week I'm going to be implementing this word that apparently other people have learned.. Do you know how to say no? If so please teach me!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Saying Goodbye to my 20's

Saturday night was my party for my 30th birthday.  Yes, my birthday was two months ago...but this was the 1st weekend we had available to host.  So, I got to have 2 birthday parties.  For more details please visit my blog here.  It was such an awesome night!!  I am insanely fortunate to have amazing friends and family!  Thank you Crystal and Dean for helping set up and cooking!  Thank you Lawrence, Jennifer, Mary Ann, Jayson, Lisa and Chuck for letting us borrow the poker, black jack and roulette tables.  And a HUGE thank you to Melanie for taking most of the pictures!