Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eye Patch

Friday night I was cooking fajitas when Zack came up to me when I was chopping vegetables. I was chopping peppers and onions and Zack thought the peppers were cucumbers. I told him they were peppers and to try them. He loved them and kept stealing more and more from me. He then would take some to Maddie. After all the peppers were chopped I decided to chop up onions. Zack thought it was pineapple and I told him they were onions and don't grab them. He took a few more peppers and then left. I started putting all the veggies in a pan when I heard Zack come up and say "mommy, I don't like these...". I turned around and saw Zack with incredibly teary eyes and two handfuls of onions. I'm not sure how he grabbed them, but I felt terrible for him. Of course he touched his eyes so we washes his hands and his eyes best we could. He then got down and told me "mom I need my eye patch". So stinking cute!!

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