Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sweatt Luau Part 2

During the luau they have games...which means winner.  The first competition of the night was a corn hole tournament.  We pulled numbers and Mike and I happen to pick number 5s.  So we were team Awesome...we actually won the tournament!  Then after the corn hole was a limbo contest.  I got close on this one, but I came in 2nd.  Then after the individual competitions we then did two teams and played volleyball.  After the volleyball game we did karaoke, danced and had a great time.  We had sooooo much fun!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sweatt Luau

This weekend was the annual Sweatt Luau.  Crystal and Dean have throw a luau every year for his birthday along with his nephew's birthday.  I first want to tell Mamaw and Papaw a HUGE thank you for watching the kids practically all weekend so I could hang out and help decorate.  They did come to the luau for a little while but then were wonderful enough to take them home when it was their bed time!  So thank you!!

Here are the pictures of the actual set up:

Our New Fun

So our new trick when we go outside is to drag out as many cars as we can and push them down from the top of the slide. They love it if they have a bad crash. Should I be worried? Lol!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Choir Camp

Last week I helped out with Choir Camp at our church.  I was one of about 9 teachers.  We had six songs that we had to teach to the kids (1st-7th graders) and sign language.  I was only responsible for one song.  It was a lot of work, but it had its reward on Friday when the kids performed all their music in front of all their friends and families. 

Trip to Warrenton

Two weekends ago we visited Warrenton for the annual Little Man Golf Tournament.  It is a fundraiser for MSA which is what a friend of ours son died of about 6 or 7 years ago.  I believe this was the 5th one.  We attended the dinner/auction/live band on Friday night and had Momma Cecil and Mr. Randy watch the kids for us.  They had a BLAST at their house.  Zack remembered right away that they had a bouncing Tigger and headed right for it when we got there.  Cecil said that he had to sleep with it and wouldn't let it out of his sight.  On Saturday while the men played golf the kids and I stayed and hung with Ms. Claire and Miss Caroline.  It was Caroline's first birthday about a month and half before so we finally brought her her gift.  Here she is opening it.

Silly me forgot to take a picture of her holding up her gift, but I had made her a cute pillow case dress.  Hopefully I can get a picture of her in it later.

After the men got home from playing golf, Mr. Gregory took us all over to visit the farm animals.  They both loved it, but Zack just was over the moon.  He has really taken to animals.  Here are some pictures of our visit and I even have a short video of Zack watching Mr. Gregory feeding the pigs.

We had a blast thanks to all who hosted us: Clair, Gregory and Caroline Fuller and Cecil and Randy Renn!