Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

I am just now recuperated from my Black Friday. Thursday night we were off to the sale at Toys R Us. They were opening their doors at 10pm Thursday. We arrived at 9:30pm. When we got there the line was already 2 miles long. I'm not exaggerating!! I wish I had a picture. We decided that our "$5" off was not worth it. We then went to WalMart. Their sale was going to start at 12am. We got all of our toys and then we were about to pay for those when we noticed that they were handing out tickets for the big ticket items that were going to go on sale at 5am. So we jumped in our lines. Mom was in the line for a laptop and I was in line for a TV. Wal-Mart wouldn't allow you to leave your line for more than 15 minutes or you forfeited the item. So...we had our reliever (dad) to come let mom out to go get some coffee, pay for the things in our cart, and use the restroom. Then mom came to relieve me for a few minutes. By 5am we got our respective items. I then headed to Radio Shack to pick up a couple of things as well. Then we three got breakfast and headed to the house where it was just in time for all the kids to wake up. After we fed them, Stacy and mom were back out while I watched the kids. I did catch a 2 hour nap once they got back.

I got my TV though. However, I was joking in line with the couple in front of me. "When I look at this TV, will I resent it? Will I hate looking at it thinking I stood in line all night for this?" However, once I got rest, I was fine and am thrilled I got a great TV for insanely cheep!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New House

By popular request here are a few pictures of our new house. These are pictures that were taken before we moved in, with the furniture that was here before. I will take more pics once I am completely unpacked and paint a few rooms. It will probably be a good month.

Front Pic

Living Room


Dining Room


Kitchen 2

Master Bath

Master Bath 2

Master Bed

Sitting Room

Guest Room


My little Bunny and Duckling

Right after the twins were born, my mom made these adorable sweaters and hats. Last Sunday they were finally big enough and the weather was perfect for them. Enjoy!!

There are a few other things that were made especially for them. A few things Great-Great-Aunt Madelin made for them. I am keeping tabs on how big they need to get to be able to wear them. We will be posing in them SOON!!

Penultimate RR weekend

So we thought last weekend was going to be our last weekend in RR, but it turns out we will be back this weekend to see off some friends and spend some time with church members on Sunday.

On Saturday the 20th it was Arrie's first birthday, so we all were able to celebrate with her. It was a lot of fun!! (sorry my flash has broken on my camera, not the best pics) . Then we went back to the house to crash for the night. Sunday was church then the run. So for sure this coming weekend will be our last official weekend in RR.


Sunday I ran in my second 5K race. This time I ran with Sarah, who started the whole "lets do the couch potato to 5K schedule". It felt GREAT to complete our goal! I didn't quite finish in the time that I had planned, but with being with a different partner and running up some INCREDIBLE hills it wasn't but a couple of minutes off. Overall I was thrilled with our performance. Now, on to training for faster times.

Lingerie Shower

As promised here are some pics from the Lingerie I helped throw. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

House is packed


This past week has been quite crazy!! It will only continue to be crazy for the next month or more... On Friday we officially signed papers for our house in Mooresville. After we got all the paperwork done we headed to Lowes and bought a few cans of paint to paint the bedroom that will be the twins' nursery. I want to paint a few more rooms in the house, but that will come later. Friday night we had our friends Chris and Erica (they were our neighbors in RR, but moved to Shelby 1 1/2 yrs ago) come up for dinner late Friday night. After dinner Mike and I headed to A'boro for the night. The next day Crystal, mom and I headed back towards Mooresville to finish painting. We got within a few miles when I realized that Mike had the keys (yes a total April moment!!), so instead we headed to Ikea, while dad was going to come bring the keys. When we finally got into the house we finished painting the nursery, then headed back. On Sunday after lunch, Mike and I headed to RR. This is our (the kids and I) last week officially here. Yesterday we had movers come and pack everything in boxes. Our entire house was filled with boxes. It looked like this:

Today the movers were back to load. Tomorrow we are heading to Mooresville to meet the movers on early Friday morning. Due to goodbye parties, singing in church, and running in a 5K we have to leave LATE Friday night to come back to RR for the official last weekend in RR. I have to sing in church on Sunday and our friends are throwing us a goodbye party Saturday night. Sarah and I are running in a 5K in Cary on Sunday afternoon. Yes, I said it was going to be a crazy couple weeks. My blog is called Hectic Life for a reason!!

Once Sunday is over I'm planning on going back and forth from A'boro and M'ville until after Thanksgiving. In Dec. we have the ACC football championship in Charlotte that we are attending and then in late Dec. my cousin Samantha is getting married. I have agreed to help my mom and dad with decorating. Also, mid Dec. Mike is planning on joining us officially in Mooresville. So it is going to be a busy end to 2010. Keep praying for us!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Showering a Cousin

This past Saturday I got to help host a lingerie shower for my cousin, Samantha. She is actually the photographer (she took all the pics of the twins' bday party). After I got everything all set up, I went to take pictures and realized my camera was in the diaper bag, which was back with Michael and the kids. So no pics from me, however, Samantha did bring her camera and took a few pics. As soon as she posts them, I'll post a few up on here.

Congratulations again Samantha, I look forward to the wedding next month!! LOVE YOU!!

Pictures from Halloween Week

I have finally got around to adding pictures from Halloween. Sorry it took me SOOOO long. I do have an excuse. We move in ONE week. I have been swamped with trying to get electric, water, etc. all hooked up in the new house. I haven't even started any packing. Everyone keep us in your prayers!!

Trick-or-Treating at Mamaw's work:

Making Halloween cupcakes:

All the Halloween pumpkins lined up:

Pumpkin Days on the 30th with Mamaw and Papaw (right before Maddie went to the hospital):

Papaw taking the boys Trick-or-Treating:

Monday morning after the boys got their haircuts: