Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Grampy!!

We are currently still on the road this weekend, but I wanted to send a special shout

out to Grampy. Hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today was my first major oops of motherhood. I'm more than certain it will not be my only oops, because us mothers after all are human too. Today I had an appointment to get the twins' 12 month portraits done. I was wanting to leave at 8:30am so I could have time to swing by and get a couple of props for their pictures at 10am. Well, it was a crazy start to my morning so I ended up not being able to leave until 8:45am. Our new car has automatic start, but to use it you have to lock the doors. I had both babies in my arms and I was loading Zack in the car when I decided that I should go ahead and start the car so it would be cool. I locked the doors and started the car. I loaded Zack in his carseat, while clinging onto Maddie (I should never rush!! I do stupid things when I rush!!). Well, I didn't want to lose my keys and spend hours looking for them, so I threw them in the front seat. I shut the door and went to the other side to load Maddie. That is when I realized..."You didn't unlock the door!!!" Yes, I locked my son in the car. I did the exact thing that I just gave my sister a hard time for doing a few weeks ago. I then ran to our back side of our house to get our hide-a-key to get into the house. I called Michael. Luckily he picked up, but was 30 minutes away. He immediately turned around to come help me out. Fortunately for us: 1) Our car was started and stayed on for 5 minutes with blasting A/C 2) It was earlier in the morning so it wasn't too hot yet
I stayed by the window and played games to make sure he was laughing and playing. Michael made it in 25 minutes and unlocked the door with his remote keys before he entered into the driveway. We jumped in the car to see Zack laughing. Praise to God that he was completely fine. Hopefully, I have learned my lesson!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More teeth

Maddie received her 5th tooth today. Her upper left tooth beside her front two has started breaking through today. Madelin, you are getting to be such a big girl.

July 10th

Happy Anniversary!! Saturday the 10th was our 6th wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe it has already been 6 years. It has been 11 years since our first date. I love you honey!! For my anniversary gift (other than our date night on the 8th) I received a beautiful diamond heart necklace. I got Michael some grilling tools. I soooo got the better deal!!

On Saturday we had to say goodbye to everyone. Thank you Mamaw, Papaw, Stacy, Aaden and Kevin for a wonderful first family vacation!! Around 1pm we arrived at Grampy and Grandma's. They were so sweet!! They celebrated our anniversary by making us a special dinner. Grampy made his amazing soft-shelled crabs, steak, twice baked potatoes, and key lime pie. After dinner they both volunteered to watch the twins while Michael and I went to watch a movie. We went to see Grownups, which was really funny. On Sunday we had to say goodbye and head home. Thank you again Grampy and Grandma!! You made our 6th anniversary very special!!

July 9th

July 9th we went out on the beach for a couple of hours, and then us laddies went shopping at Northwoods Mall in North Charleston. The biggest thing was Zack received his first haircut. Poor guy, the haircut was really overdo. I wanted to wait until he was a year, but it was extremely long and getting in his eyes.

He did SO well. He didn't cry at all. The lady that cut his hair was really sweet. (Small world, her sister lives in Roanoke Rapids.) Below are some pictures of the big event. Maddie was really good for having to wait on brother.

July 7th

On Wednesday we spent another day at the beach. However that night Gram, Mamaw, Papaw, and Stacy all helped watch the twins while Mommy and Daddy got to go out on a date to celebrate our anniversary. We went out to eat at Hank's Seafood and then we walked around town. I ended up having to buy some emergency flip flops due to some massive blisters my high heels were giving me, but then we were A-OK. Thank you grandparents and Stacy for allowing us to get out!!

July 5th & 6th

On Monday the 5th we had another day of beach. We also had to say goodbye to Kevin (he had to get back to work), but we were thankful he was able to come up for a couple of days!! On the 6th us ladies and 3 kids went shopping. We went to the City Market and then Tanger Outlets.

July 4th & 11 Months

Happy Birthday America!! Also, happy 11 months Maddie and Zack. After breakfast the whole gang loaded up and set up on the beach. Below is a picture of what I mean when I say "set up". We set up a tent, an umbrella (see the blue umbrella in the back), lots of chairs, and several toys for all the kids. Sunday was extremely windy, which you can tell in the pictures.

I think my favorite thing about the beach was seeing the kids react to their first "taste" of sand and ocean. Both of them LOVED playing in the sand. Zack loved the ocean, but Maddie not so much. She isn't one that loves water anyway, but I think the waves really scared her.

That evening to celebrate America's birthday we grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs, (which was yet another first, I allowed the twins to have a hotdog). The twins received an early birthday present, which was a Radio Flyer Wagon that seats two. They LOVE it. After dinner we played some more rounds of corn hole, which I think Stacy and I were champs.

Madelin is still crawling like crazy. She is extremely fast now. She is still walking on her toes, which means not much balance. She still loves to read. Her new favorite thing is singing. She hums along when we sing (you can't tell what she is singing, but it is really cute.) Her favorite song is "If You're Happy and You Know It". When she hears that song her face lights up and she starts clapping along.

Zack is still army crawling. He is also walking around with furniture and push toys. I think if he gets a little more courage, he will be walking on his own soon. Like Maddie, he also still enjoys reading and he is also starting to sing. He LOVES clapping along to "If You're Happy and You Know It" as well. One thing that makes him giggle is peekaboo. He just giggles so hard when you say it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 3rd

Our computer is finally fixed!! Yay!! So now there is no more flopping screens or screens that will not shut. There is sooooooo much I need to write about. So I have decided to just write several posts to make sure that everything gets added.

Saturday, July 3rd Mike and I grabbed the kids at 3:00 am and hit the road to head down to Charleston, SC. Stacy, Kevin and Aaden were there a day earlier so we met them early Saturday morning. Mamaw and Papaw got there around 9am. So we spent the next couple of hours touring the Battle Grounds of Charleston until our house in Folly Beach was ready.

We got into our house around noon. After unloading vehicles, feeding us and the kids, Kevin, Stacy, Mike and I played a little corn hole while the kiddies napped. Gram arrived around 5pm and we helped her unload her car. After dinner and putting the kids to bed, the whole family got in on some corn hole. That night the champs were me and papaw.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Many firsts...

We have our computer back...YAY!! However, it is still not fixed so we will be dropping it back off in a couple of weeks. There are so many things that have happened. Last week the twins and I had the chance to go hang out with mamaw, papaw, Aunt Stacy, Uncle Kevin, and cousin Aaden. We also got to see Auntie Crystal, Great-Grandpa Graves, Great-Aunt Sharon, Great-Aunt Sandra, and Great-Uncle Mike. Almost every day we introduced something new to the twins. On Wednesday June 23 the twins took their first dip in the pool. (It was a kiddy pool, but it was the first time they have been in anything other than the tub.) They both LOVED it!!Thursday the 24th was Maddie and Zack's first trip to the park. I know they should get to go all the time with this beautiful weather, but with them not being able to walk and me being by myself, it isn't easy taking two kids to the park! They didn't really like sliding, but they did LOVE to swing!!On Friday the 25th the whole fam took the twins out to their first trip to the zoo. Thanks to my cousin Brandon for getting us all in for free!! (You may also notice that my hair is short, I got it cut the night before.)
Saturday we went to visit Great-Grandpa Graves and then on Sunday after church we hung out at the house. Tomorrow we will be having our first family vacation. We will be at Folly Beach for the 4th with Gram, Mamaw, Papaw, Aunt Stacy, Uncle Kevin, cousin Aaden, Mommy and Daddy. So stay tuned!!