Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today was my first major oops of motherhood. I'm more than certain it will not be my only oops, because us mothers after all are human too. Today I had an appointment to get the twins' 12 month portraits done. I was wanting to leave at 8:30am so I could have time to swing by and get a couple of props for their pictures at 10am. Well, it was a crazy start to my morning so I ended up not being able to leave until 8:45am. Our new car has automatic start, but to use it you have to lock the doors. I had both babies in my arms and I was loading Zack in the car when I decided that I should go ahead and start the car so it would be cool. I locked the doors and started the car. I loaded Zack in his carseat, while clinging onto Maddie (I should never rush!! I do stupid things when I rush!!). Well, I didn't want to lose my keys and spend hours looking for them, so I threw them in the front seat. I shut the door and went to the other side to load Maddie. That is when I realized..."You didn't unlock the door!!!" Yes, I locked my son in the car. I did the exact thing that I just gave my sister a hard time for doing a few weeks ago. I then ran to our back side of our house to get our hide-a-key to get into the house. I called Michael. Luckily he picked up, but was 30 minutes away. He immediately turned around to come help me out. Fortunately for us: 1) Our car was started and stayed on for 5 minutes with blasting A/C 2) It was earlier in the morning so it wasn't too hot yet
I stayed by the window and played games to make sure he was laughing and playing. Michael made it in 25 minutes and unlocked the door with his remote keys before he entered into the driveway. We jumped in the car to see Zack laughing. Praise to God that he was completely fine. Hopefully, I have learned my lesson!


Amy and Michael said...

Trust me - people have done much worse. I haven't done it yet, but mentioned to my Michael that I'd bust out a window if I did that, and he gave me a look like "why is that thought in your mind". I told him so he'd be okay if he came home and I had busted out the windshield :-)- So glad Zack had a good time. He was probably wondering why his mommy was being so silly outside. Did you make it to the pictures?

AprilNowell said...

We did make it to Sears, just 15 minutes late. They turned out good, despite Maddie refusing to smile in every picture. BTW, I thought about busting out a window. I also offered to call the fire dept, b/c that is how Stacy got Aaden out, but Michael said he was on the way and not to worry.