Friday, July 2, 2010

Many firsts...

We have our computer back...YAY!! However, it is still not fixed so we will be dropping it back off in a couple of weeks. There are so many things that have happened. Last week the twins and I had the chance to go hang out with mamaw, papaw, Aunt Stacy, Uncle Kevin, and cousin Aaden. We also got to see Auntie Crystal, Great-Grandpa Graves, Great-Aunt Sharon, Great-Aunt Sandra, and Great-Uncle Mike. Almost every day we introduced something new to the twins. On Wednesday June 23 the twins took their first dip in the pool. (It was a kiddy pool, but it was the first time they have been in anything other than the tub.) They both LOVED it!!Thursday the 24th was Maddie and Zack's first trip to the park. I know they should get to go all the time with this beautiful weather, but with them not being able to walk and me being by myself, it isn't easy taking two kids to the park! They didn't really like sliding, but they did LOVE to swing!!On Friday the 25th the whole fam took the twins out to their first trip to the zoo. Thanks to my cousin Brandon for getting us all in for free!! (You may also notice that my hair is short, I got it cut the night before.)
Saturday we went to visit Great-Grandpa Graves and then on Sunday after church we hung out at the house. Tomorrow we will be having our first family vacation. We will be at Folly Beach for the 4th with Gram, Mamaw, Papaw, Aunt Stacy, Uncle Kevin, cousin Aaden, Mommy and Daddy. So stay tuned!!

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