Friday, July 25, 2014

Y-E-S to VBS

As promised.  Here is the video of Maddie and Zack (along with all the 4 year olds) singing the Yes to VBS song.  Every morning the director asked a grade to come up on stage and join her in the dance.  Well, Maddie and Zack were SOOOO excited that their group got called up.  Maddie is on the right of the stage in the blue tank top.  Zack is on the left with the blue ball cap on.  Yes, they are the two that break it down dancing!!  Just like mommy and daddy?!?!?

Happy Birthday Grampy

We want to send out a huge birthday shout to Grampy!  We love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday!  We will see you next week!  Love you!!!


This past week we had VBS at church.  This was the first year that Maddie and Zack could go and participate (before they were just in the nursery).  They enjoyed it so much!! The them was Agency D3, Discover, Decide, Defend.  They were agents on a mission to discover clues about Jesus, decide if he is the son of God and defend their Faith.  Here are my two secret agents.  I hope to post video of them dancing to the VBS songs later!

Fun with Friends

Saturday night we were invited to a cookout.  Since the rain kept us from going outdoors, we had a blast in our friends' garage!


Last week we had Mamaw come up and hang out.  We decide to do a little shopping for some future birthday kiddos.  The kids insisted on riding the carousel so Mamaw took them on there. Then we had lots of fun at ToysRUs!

My Princess

Every day my little princess gets more girly.  Here she is modeling some clip-on earrings she found.  She loved them and even wore them to church!

Needed Hair Cut

Well...I finally carved time to take Zack to get a much needed hair cut!!!  His hair was starting to make him look like a Beatle!!!  He looks so much better now!

New Activity

See that in the back of my car?  Well, it is a bike.  I have found a new way of exercising!  I am still running (not as much as I'd like), but I've added biking on the weekends.  I've only ridden twice, but I've gotten 38 miles in those two rides.  I now have a goal in mind for next year.  Can you guess what it is?!?!?  Well if you said triathlon, you would be correct!  Next year I want to complete a triathlon.  It is only going to be a sprint one, which means short distance.  Most of the ones I've seen are less than a mike in swim, anywhere from 12-20 mile bike ride and then a 5k.  I've got the biking and running down.  In a couple months I'm going to be joing the Y so I can start swimming.  I will keep everyone updated on my journey!

Baby Sitting

I am so behind on posts and I sincerely apologize!  

Two weeks ago we went to Asheboro for a wedding.  Since aunt Crystal and Uncle Dean were in the wedding, I got to keep Miss Emma!  She is just so stinkin' cute!  She was very good.  She got a little fussy during the wedding because she got some pesky hiccups, but other than that she was a doll-baby.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

10 Years

Well, today 10 years ago I said "I do" to the love of my life!  The last 10 years have been the highest of highs (our 2 kids) and the lowest of lows (loss of loved ones and even our ectopic pregnancy), but I have enjoyed the journey with my best friend by my side!  I love you babe and look forward to many, many more years!!!!

Hosting a new kid

Two days of the week for the month of July, I get to watch Miss Savannah.  She is the beautiful child of some friends of ours in our Sunday School class.  She was here Tuesday and we played princess dress up with Maddie.  She is so cute!!  I think Maddie loved having a little girl to play with after having to be with three boys for 2 weeks!

Going home

Saturday, was our day to leave.  :(  After we left the condo, we decided to head back downtown Charleston and let the kids see some sites. We went to the battery and then walked downtown and had lunch and ice cream.  I love Charleston, such a beautiful city!

Happy 4th of July

Friday was back to beautiful weather.  So we were back out at the beach.  After naps later that day, we all got dressed and went to the pier for some 4th pictures.  After dinner, we stayed up and watched the fireworks from our condo.  Happy Birthday, America!!

Day 5

Thursday was a nasty day outside.  Hurricane Andrew was off the coast, so instead of beach, we went to downtown Charleston, to the market.  We always love going there!  After the market and some shopping, we had Woody's pizza from Folly.  The best pizza!!  Thursday night, Mamaw and papaw took the kids while Stacy, Michael and I went to get seafood.  So good!!  

Day 4

On Wednesday, about lunchtime, daddy made it down.  After dinner we took the kids to the park for round 2.  After the park we played a few games and waited for Aunt Stacy to get in.  Fun day!!

Day 3

On Tuesday, it was pretty much a repeat of Monday.  However, after dinner, we ventured out to find something fun for the kids.  We ended up going to the park at Folly.  It was a REALLY neat park!  The had a playground that was shaped like a boat, and a huge lighthouse slide, a tire swing, mureals, spider web climbing thing, tennis courts, and basketball courts.  The kids loved it!

Beach day 2

Day two we set up our tent, put out a kiddie pool, and enjoyed the day at the beach!  
Zack an Aaden got up so early, that papaw took them out walking.  They came home with one starfish each.
Pics coming soon

Day 1 of Folly Beach

Since it was just Mamaw and me, we didn't set up our normal tent.  We took the kids down for a few hours to the beach until it was lunchtime.  The kids enjoyed the ocean and playing in the sand.  After lunch we made the kids take a was needed since they all woke up at 5am.  After naps, Papaw made it in.  So the kids went to the pool with Mamaw and Papaw while I stayed and made dinner.

Heading Down to the Beach

Saturday the 28th of June, we packed up the car more than I could have imagined. We had 4 kids, Mamaw and me and lots of food, luggage and beach stuff.  The kids did great.  What should have been a 4.25 hour drive turned into almost a 6 hour drive due to stop and go traffic.  We made it safely though and once we unloaded and got to our condo, Folly had a nice rainbow waiting for us!