Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Stage is Set

I have FINALLY completed a HUGE project.  It has taken me almost two weeks, but I have done it all by myself (with the exception of asking the hubby to find a truck to bring the plywood home in a truck).  When I thought about big boy and big girl rooms I thought about each personality and what each kid loves to do.  When I think of Maddie I immediately think of "big ham".  She LOVES to perform.  Maybe a future singer or actress on our hands.  When we skype with the grandparents, she now loves to perform for them.  She likes to dance and sing!  So....I decided to put a little stage in her room.  I didn't want it to take up too much room.  I found on HGTV a very cute child's room that had a stage as well, click HERE for the link.  I first took a piece of 4 ply 8 x 4 plywood and cut two 2 1/2 foot quarter circles using my jigsaw.

I then took a couple of 2 x 6's and cut them down to make a "floor joist" pattern.  The picture below I didn't have them quite finished, but you get the idea.

After I screwed everything together this is what it looked like.
I decided to leave the front open for a couple of reasons 1) I am a beginner and I do not know how to bend wood.  I know it is possible, but I do not know how.  And #2) I also liked the idea of using cubby holes to store "stage props".

So after I got everything together I put a coat of stain on the stage.

What took the longest was the next step.  Applying polyurethane took me five days.  I ended up putting five coats on top (I do NOT want the kids to get splinters) and 3-4 everywhere else.  This takes 3 days to cure, so this was not a quick process.  After it finally dried I then attached 5 legs so the stage would not set on the carpet.  (sorry forgot to take a picture) I then pushed it up the stairs myself.  This thing is SUPER heavy!!  Here it is before I put up a curtain.  (Yes the kids loved it and did not want to get off.)
I then took a piece of leftover fabric from the coronet and attached it to make a little curtain to hide the cubbies.

The top curtain is a curved shower curtain with a regular curtain.  I will eventually put up tiebacks and some stage lighting, but for now here it is.

Preschool Easter Egg Hunt

Yes, I know what you are thinking..."another egg hunt?".  Yes, in fact we still haven't had our church egg hunt.  Wednesday was the preschool's Easter egg hunt.  It was a little chilly (probably normal March weather), but they still had a blast. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Drumming Pros

While we were at our neighbor's house yesterday the kids found a drum set.  They went to town.  Enjoy the video!

Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday we were invited to another egg hunt.  (I think they kids are going to be pros by the time Easter is over.)  I have bee going to a bible study on Sunday nights with a group of women in our subdivision.  So to celebrate Easter they had an egg hunt on Sunday.  It was so much fun.  The kids did GREAT!!  Their favorite part?  Discovering what was in those eggs.  Once we came home we allowed them to open them.  When we were watching the UNC game mommy and daddy discovered that the kids ate almost ALL the chocolate that were in those eggs.  It was a LOT of chocolate.  They were sneaky, sneaky.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Night of Separation

Last night we separated the kids from each other for the first time.  They did great!  They love having their own room!  (Their rooms aren't 100% yet, so no pictures, but they are coming along.)  In fact Maddie slept in this morning since she didn't have Zack to wake her up.  More to come on this project!

Easter Eggstravangza

Saturday we had a visit from Mamaw, Papaw, Aaden and Bentley.  We decided to go to a local church that was having an Easter Egg Hunt.  Unfortunately it rained, but we did still have a lot of fun indoors.  After the egg hunt we went to Lancaster's for dinner.  This place had a game room so the kids had a BLAST playing.  We also got to eat inside an old school bus.  It was a lot of fun!