Monday, April 21, 2014

Belated Birthday Shout

Again, I must apologize for my tardiness!

Grammy, we hope you had a wonderful birthday!  We love you and hope to see you soon!!

Belated Birthday Shout

I have been so swamped and that is why I am posting over 10 posts today.  I am SOOOOOO sorry that I have not posted a birthday shout to our nephew, Cayden!  I hope you had a wonderful birthday!  I will be mailing you a card with some money.  Make mommy and daddy go get you something with it!  LOVE YOU!!

Easter Service Singing

Maddie and Zack's choir sang in church on Easter Sunday.  They sang two songs.  It was so cute!!

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, we had Mamaw and Papaw come up to visit.  We had a wonderful Easter service at church (videos in the next post), a wonderful lunch, and then an Easter Egg hunt.  It was a great Easter Sunday!

Rugged Maniac 2014 Video

Below is video from our finishing of the Mud Run.  Crystal's dad, Dean, Kendall, Crystal and I all stayed together and finished at the same time.  Well...once we slid down the slide, Kendall (one of the slowest) jumped up so he could finish first.  So funny!!

Rugged Maniac Run

Another Rugged Maniac Mud Run is under my belt.  This year's was soooooo cold and muddy!  It was rainy and only in the 40 degrees.  So where there was normally dirt, it was mud.  It was fun though!  Crystal and I decided to dress up as princesses and at the last minute we talked the guys dressing up as our prince Charmings!  So funny!!  I'm a LOT less bruised and scraped up than I was last year.  I think all the mud helped!  Enjoy the pics!

School Easter Egg Hunt

Last Wednesday, the kids had an Easter Egg hunt at school.  They had so much fun!  

Goal Completed

My New Year's goal was to compete in a half marathon this year.  Well, check it off the bucket list.  On April the 12th, I ran in the Charlotte Race.  I completed it...unfortunately, it was 20 minutes slower than I wanted, but hey...for my first one ever, I guess I should be happy I completed it!  I run here in Mooresville and I thought I was used to hills, but if I could post a pic of some of the ridiculous hills we had to run up, I would.  I was not expecting the hard hills.  Mile 7 had a hill all the way up until mile 8.5.  So hard!!!  

I wasn't the last to cross, so I guess I should be happy.  I was about 15 minutes faster than the last place.  So, I'm happy!  I had the worst blisters than I have ever had!!  I'm not sure I put my socks on the right feet.  I'm guessing that is what caused the blisters (I have fitted socks).  It was 4 am when I got dressed, so it was very possible I didn't put them on the correct feet.  Anyway, I have decided that if I ever do another, it will be at the beach, on flat ground.  Or down a mountain and it is downhill all the way!!!

Japanese Restaurant

On Saturday, April the 5th, Mike and I decided to treat the kids to their first Japanese Steakhouse experience.  They enjoyed the chef cooking in front of,with exception of the fire.  I thought Zack was going to take off running.  They ate really well though and loved the food!!

Park Fun

Way back on the 4th of April, the kids and I went to Asheboro to visit Mamaw and Papaw and the Maysonets.  We went to the park in Asheboro and had a lot of fun!!

Disney Day 6 Photos

Disney Day 5 Photos