Monday, April 21, 2014

Goal Completed

My New Year's goal was to compete in a half marathon this year.  Well, check it off the bucket list.  On April the 12th, I ran in the Charlotte Race.  I completed it...unfortunately, it was 20 minutes slower than I wanted, but hey...for my first one ever, I guess I should be happy I completed it!  I run here in Mooresville and I thought I was used to hills, but if I could post a pic of some of the ridiculous hills we had to run up, I would.  I was not expecting the hard hills.  Mile 7 had a hill all the way up until mile 8.5.  So hard!!!  

I wasn't the last to cross, so I guess I should be happy.  I was about 15 minutes faster than the last place.  So, I'm happy!  I had the worst blisters than I have ever had!!  I'm not sure I put my socks on the right feet.  I'm guessing that is what caused the blisters (I have fitted socks).  It was 4 am when I got dressed, so it was very possible I didn't put them on the correct feet.  Anyway, I have decided that if I ever do another, it will be at the beach, on flat ground.  Or down a mountain and it is downhill all the way!!!

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