Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 3 of Disney

Since we announced we were going to Disney, about 2 years ago...Zack has stated that all he wants to watch was The Lion King.  I found out late Monday night that The Lion King was on hiatus due to them rebuilding a building for it....just hours before we were going to get up and go to Animal Kingdom.  So...I was pretty upset and didn't sleep too well. 

Monday morning, I was up early thinking about "what are we going to do".  Mike and I decided to head to Animal Kingdom, do the safari and pray seeing real lions would replace the show The Lion King.  When we were off in the safari we got to see the lions and a warthog, so we made went with the "look, there is the real lion king".  It appeared to work.  We then met Rafiki.  While we were waiting in line, Maddie and Zack got to touch a snake.  Then we were off to meet Baloo and King Louie.  We got up to the front and King Louie came up and took Maddie's banana.  Then Baloo tried to take it, so Zack went into the cooler to give Baloo, his banana.  They were so great!!  After pictures, Baloo then tried to sit in Zack's stroller.  Too funny!  After that we went to meet Pochahontas and rode A Bug's Life.  A Bug's Life scared Maddie and Zack to death!!  I had forgotten that spiders come down and scare you.  Whoops!  After that, we met back up with Aunt Amy, Uncle Michael, Grammy and Callie and Cayden at Hollywood Studios.  There, we met Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Mike Wazowksi, and Sully.  Then we did The Muppets 3D and then we went to Ariel's show. 

Around 5, the kids, Mike and I went back to Magic Kingdom.  There we rode Dumbo, where Maddie discovered she wasn't scared of heights like daddy, but was sweet enough not to take him (she drove) too high so daddy wouldn't be scared.  Then we had dinner.  After that we lined up on Main street and watched the 1st showing of the Light Parade.  The kids LOVED it!!  After the parade we went home to get some much needed sleep!!

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