Friday, September 30, 2011

Hospital Stay


We are now home!  YAY!!!  Zack was released at noon today.  We are now doing breathing treatments at home.  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!  

So yesterday I left off stating that I didn't think Zack's wheezing would stop. He wasn't scheduled to have another breathing treatment until 2:30, but we could barely make it to 1:30. He fell asleep so I let him nap. I called the doctor to let her know what was going on. She asked that once he woke to bring him in. We arrived at 3:30 and his chest was still tight. So she decided to admit us to Jeff Gordon's Children's Hospital in Concord. He received another treatment while at the doctor's office.
Once we arrived to the hospital we were already set up with a room (that was wonderful). We spoke to the doctor on call at 7PM where we learned how bad the day actually was. First, his oxygen levels. Anything below a 90 they immediately want you in the hospital. Yesterday his got down to an 83. Second, on a normal wheezing child, in a 12 hour span, would receive 4 treatments. Zack received 8 treatments yesterday during a 12 hour span. We talked about how Zack received one treatment at the doctor's office that worked wonders. It was Atrovent. She said some old school doctors won't prescribe it for home use (ours won't) because it is so powerful and it could be dangerous. She said she doesn't mind if they are responsible parents. So we will see of we receive it in case we have something like this again. He actually received that treatment at 8PM last night and his breathing through the night did not fall below 97.
Zack had an x-ray done last night. It came back clear, with exception of some inflammation from his Reactive Airway Disease.
Due to all the treatments yesterday he was wide open until after 11PM. We could not get him to settle down. He was so hyper! I'm talking crazy hyper.
We haven't seen the doctor today so not sure what is in store for us. I will update as I hear more.
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Up All Night

There is a new show on NBC called Up All Night.  You might have seen commercials with Christina Applegate and Will Arnet as parents who are talking to their baby...Christina's character is trying to help change the baby and she is holding its legs while saying "How is she stronger than me?"  "Don't you know we want to help you?" and Will Arnet's character says "We're on YOUR side".

Last night we were up all night with Zack.  Actually two nights in a row.  Usually with his treatments everything turns out fine and I was going to share some hilarious moments throughout the night last night, unfortunately this morning Zack was not fine.  After receiving two breathing treatments back to back (you are only supposed to give him 1 every 4 hours) he was still wheezing.  So off to the doctor's office this morning.  The doctor first wanted to send him straight to the hospital, but said we would try a couple of treatments.  She ended up giving him 3 at the office and finally that worked.  Poor thing caught my cold that I had on Sunday.  She suggested bringing him back in at 2:30pm to see if his wheezing has returned.  The wheezing has left, but he is congested with the cold, so I'm thinking the wheezing will return.  Zack also has an ear infection so he is now on an antibiotic, two breathing treatments, and an oral steroid.  Hopefully he will be better by this afternoon!  I will update the blog if something changes. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Picture Day

Today is picture day at school, so I am sending them dressed in their finest!
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Visits from family

On Saturday we had a visit from Grammy and Great-Great-Aunt Madelin.  They came to celebrate Mike's birthday and babysit for us while we went to a get together with our church.  The kids played so hard!  They colored, played with stickers, played with Mickey & Minnie, and played ball with Aunt Madelin.  Sadly we had to say goodbye on Sunday morning.  

After church we received another special visit.  This time it was a visit from Mamaw and Papaw.  After Michael opened his gifts Mamaw and I went shopping at Ikea.  LOVE that store.  Once the kids were up from their naptime they played a little with Mamaw and Papaw until they had to leave.  We had a wonderful weekend.  Thank you so much to Grammy, Aunt Madelin, Mamaw and Papaw for coming to visit!!

Saturday we celebrated Mike's birthday a little early with a cake and candles...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birthday Shout!!

Happy birthday to the most wonderful husband and daddy a family could wish for.  We love you!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Daddy and Tu cute Maddie

Zack is wearing daddy's shoes and Maddie is in her tutu again!
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

School Days

We are starting to get in a routine when it comes to school days.  They really are enjoying it.  Maddie hasn't cried at all on the last two drop offs.  Their progress reports are always good.  In fact the yesterday's said on Zack's: Great Day! and Maddie's said: "What a sweet little girl!".  They are learning so much!  Maddie is now singing her ABC's.  And Zack is starting to learn letters and what words start with those letters.  It really is fun to watch them learn!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tutu Cute

I have been behind on posting the last few days.  There was a funny story that happened a few weeks ago that I just HAD to share.  Do you remember THIS post back in April?  Well...a few months ago we found some really cool pajamas for Zack (Buzz lightyear hand me downs) so to make Maddie's regular pajamas cool we pulled out her tutu to go over her regular PJs.  She started to get attached in a big way.  It was a struggle to get her dressed in the mornings.  So on a Thursday when I went shopping at Ikea, Maddie demanded to wear the I let her.  Then for the next three days you couldn't get it off her.  Mamaw got her another tutu which she is wearing in the following picture.  If you look closely you can still see the blue tutu underneath the one she is wearing.  Yep, couldn't even take off the tutu when she had on another tutu.  When we went out to eat for Mamaw's birthday she again HAD to wear the tutu.  Somehow we eventually got them off her, but she hasn't seen a tutu since.  I'm afraid to let her see it, because I'm not sure she will take it off again.

2 Year Check Up

Today we had our 2 year check up.  The kids did great!  Maddie hasn't gained any weight since July, but she was weighed completely different than at the GI office.  So...the Pediatrician said that Maddie is back on a curve.  HURRAY!!!  I do have to watch her though and they wanted her to come back mid year to check her weight.  Her curve is less than 3% on weight (she wasn't on one earlier), 10% on height, and 25% on head.  Zack is now on the 3 % curve (he has been less than 3 before) on weight, 25-50% on height, and head is 50%.  The doctor said they are doing great!!

Last Couple of days

I have several pictures to share.  Enjoy!!

All the grandkids blowing Mamaw's candles out for her

Uncle Dean captivated by the kids' shows.