Thursday, September 29, 2011

Up All Night

There is a new show on NBC called Up All Night.  You might have seen commercials with Christina Applegate and Will Arnet as parents who are talking to their baby...Christina's character is trying to help change the baby and she is holding its legs while saying "How is she stronger than me?"  "Don't you know we want to help you?" and Will Arnet's character says "We're on YOUR side".

Last night we were up all night with Zack.  Actually two nights in a row.  Usually with his treatments everything turns out fine and I was going to share some hilarious moments throughout the night last night, unfortunately this morning Zack was not fine.  After receiving two breathing treatments back to back (you are only supposed to give him 1 every 4 hours) he was still wheezing.  So off to the doctor's office this morning.  The doctor first wanted to send him straight to the hospital, but said we would try a couple of treatments.  She ended up giving him 3 at the office and finally that worked.  Poor thing caught my cold that I had on Sunday.  She suggested bringing him back in at 2:30pm to see if his wheezing has returned.  The wheezing has left, but he is congested with the cold, so I'm thinking the wheezing will return.  Zack also has an ear infection so he is now on an antibiotic, two breathing treatments, and an oral steroid.  Hopefully he will be better by this afternoon!  I will update the blog if something changes. 

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