Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy

Surprise for daddy

Here is a quick video of the kids making daddy's cake.

Celebrating Daddy

Today is daddy's birthday and since I have choir practice and won't be able to celebrate tonight we surprised daddy last night. We had made him one of his favorite dinners and the kids made him a birthday cake. Yes the kids did all the dumping of ingredients (everything from scratch) I just put it in the oven and did the flag. Happy birthday daddy!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Birthday Party #2

Our second birthday party we attended this weekend was on Sunday and it was held at a Splash pad at a YMCA. The kids loved it! I was worried that it would be too cold, but the weather turned out to be so warm that it was perfect!

Sunday School Social

Saturday night we had out Sunday School Social. We were asked to keep the kids at home so Mamaw graciously came up to watch them for us. We had a fun night and ate some amazing food (it was a covered dish party)! We love our Sunday School class so much!

Birthday party #1

We had a couple of birthday parties to attend this weekend. This first one we attended was at a dance/fitness place. The kids had a lot of fun dancing. I have a video that I will try to post soon!

Surprise Date

Thursday I got a wonderful surprise. Mike had arranged for a sitter to come at 2:30pm. He gave me a Carolina panther shirt and told me we had tickets to watch them play. We had so much fun! We tailgated, played corn hole, chatted with other fans and just had a blast! Even though the panthers didn't win, we had a great night!

Monday, September 17, 2012

More County Fair Pictures

Cabarrus County Fair

Saturday we had a great trip to the Cabarrus County Fair in Concord, NC. It was a nice sized county fair! The kids rode a few rides, played a game, fed/petted animals, and even got to milk a cow! They loved it! Mamaw and Papaw joined us too! We had a wonderful time at the fair!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Accident Prone Child

Our accident prone child had a little accident this afternoon. Before I go on, don't worry she is fine and she is only suffering from a minor scratch.

This afternoon when the kids were "napping" I heard a big boom upstairs. At first I didn't worry. I usually hear booms from Zack jumping around. Well a few seconds later I heard screams. So I went sprinting upstairs expecting to find Zack into trouble, but instead I heard the screams coming from Maddie's room. I opened the door and there she was with a small standing shelving unit (the one with the ballet slippers on it) on top of her well really her holding it up from falling over. I turned the lights where I saw Maddie's face covered in blood. You want to talk about a scared mommy, I was terrified. I grabbed the shelf put it back, it had blood on it and my first thought was "let's go to the hospital".. So I yelled at Zack to get up and get his shoes on so we could go (poor thing, I scared him to death). By now Maddie had stopped crying and she was talking constantly like normal. So, I started thinking a little more clearer. I then grabbed a wash cloth and tried to wipe her down to try and figure out where the blood was coming from and just how severe her injuries were. I didn't know if it was her head, nose, and/or mouth. I was also calling Michael and telling him what happened. He was heading out to go to a meeting and decided to swing by the house to check her out. By the time he got there I had cleaned her up and just found a scratch at her hair line. It wasn't deep and it had pretty much stopped bleeding. Maddie was acting normal so we decided she was fine. Here is a couple of pictures after I got her face cleaned up. She still had blood all in her hair, which she was the most upset about, but she looked much better! So, I have a feeling our accident prone child (apc) will be giving me many more panic moments to come.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day of Remembrance

I had a really hard time writing this blog. Not only emotional, but trying to find the words that I wanted to express really was difficult. As every human knows born before 2001, today is the anniversary of 9/11/01 the day America was attacked by heartless, despicable and in my opinion evil men. A day that everyone knows exactly where they were, what they were doing, and how they heard/saw the news. I am dreading the day that I have to sit my kids down and tell them what happened. I dread the the hurt that I will have if I see my kids eyes filled with fear and/or sadness.

 As the eleventh anniversary is upon us I wanted this day to mean SO much more than another day or just a day for remembrance. Luckily about a week or two ago, I heard an ad on the radio for 9/11 on how we want to change what this day means. Yes, still remember, but not to feel sad or fearful, but honor those that have fallen. There were thousands of those who were everyday people that turned into heroes that day. So the ad was asking everyone today to be a hero. Now, that doesn't mean go find your super cape and mask, but instead means to help others in need. What would the world be like if everyone put aside their differences and went out of their way to treat each other with love and respect? I'm hoping the "hero" movement sweeps the nation, but I also hope it is not just the day of 9/11 but every day we honor those and step up and be a hero to someone!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Weekend

Due to the kids colds we stayed in on Saturday but Sunday they were feeling much better so after church we met Mamaw and Papaw in Salisbury for Mamaw's birthday lunch. I could kick myself for not taking pictures, but the kids LOVED helping Mamaw eat her birthday ice cream! Hope you had a wonderful birthday Mamaw!

First homework

We has our first homework assignment over the weekend. We were given a big piece of paper with a tree on it and asked to make a family tree. The teacher asked that we try to be as creative as possible. So the kids painted/stamped the green leaves and then helped me glue the pictures. They are going to use it for show and tell on Thursday.

Dentist Visit

Today we had a dentist check up. The kids did great and were excited to be there and they knew they get to pick a small prize when they were done. I'm one proud mommy!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Birthday Shout

We want to wish Mamaw the happiest birthday ever! We love you!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sicko Kiddos

We have caught our first cold of the season. Wasn't expecting it so soon, but knock on wood we haven't had any attacks. Up until this week Zack has refused to wear a mask when he gets a treatment. So instead we use a tube that blows in his face, but it is not ideal because a lot of the medicine escapes. However, when we visited the hospital last year they gave us a mask that looked like a dinosaur/dragon. He didn't like it at the time so I put it away. He has recently fallen in love with dinos and when he saw it he fell in love. So he is now wearing his mask. Thanks to Gordon's Children's Hospital for the adorable mask! It is working like a charm. Here he is modeling it. (he now can't wait for treatments)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School 3's

Today was our first day back to school. They both got great reports!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Riding our bikes

We went on a bike ride this morning.

Preschool Open House

On Friday we got a chance to meet the kids' teacher for the year. We have Ms. Jennie and Ms. Audrey. They actually both go to our church so the kids were comfortable with them already. It didn't take them long to make themselves at home!