Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday shout

Happy Birthday Aunt Stacy! We hope you have a fantastic day! We love you!
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sad news

I do have some sad news to report. I received a phone call this evening from Michael telling me that his grandmother, Carolyn Nowell, had passed away. She had been sick for sometime now. Please keep the family in your prayers. We will be traveling back tomorrow and then from there we will head to Sneads Ferry.
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Our day

This morning we went to a playground to enjoy this weather. We packed a lunch so we could stay out there longer. The kids LOVED it! Maddie is like her mommy when it comes to being a daredevil. The girl has no fear! She loved flying down the slides. Zack was a lot more cautious. He liked it okay, but he didn't love it. After lunch we came back here to root on the Heels to a victory over State.

After their naptime we took aunt Stacy out to eat to celebrate her birthday. Then we came back to eat cake and icecream.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Hanging out in Georgia

Today we did a little shopping then we came back and went walking all over the base. The weather here is beautiful so the kids loved getting to play outside. They had such a fun time.

There was one small incident when Zack took off running in Stacy's drive he fell on the concrete and scraped his face a bit. After a good cry he was good, just a little bit of blood. His eyelid is a little swollen but he is tough.

One picture is of Maddie and Zack's coats from the back. This is their monogrammed UNC jackets that Great-Great aunt Madelin got them.

Tomorrow we are going to go out to celebrate Stacy's birthday. She is celebrating the big 21st. Her actual birthday is Sunday.
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Bentley

I just realized that I never posted a picture of Bentley due to the Christmas chaos. So without further adieu here is Bentley!
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GA on my mind

Mom and dad called last week and said they were going to go visit the Maysonets this weekend. So since they have been there for two years and I have yet to visit them, I decided to go with them. Here are some pics of us all extremely packed in the car. More to come later.
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Zack Dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba

As promised here is a video of the kids watching the intro to Yo Gabba Gabba. I describe it as Weekend at Burney's. The music slowly works its way up and makes Zack start dancing. As soon as the music is over he is heartbroken, so funny!!v

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finished Playroom

The playroom is officially finished. The pics aren't the best. I'm currently using my camera phone until my camera is fixed. Here is a far away shot and a couple of up close pics of our favorite characters.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Go Heels!

The entire family pulling for 55- 0 against Clemson!
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Our favorite show, Yo

It is safe to say that Maddie & Zack have a new favorite show. What is that show you may ask? It is none other than Yo Gabba, Gabba. If they see DJ Lance walk across the screen the just start screaming. If they are in another room and they hear the theme music they run as fast as they can and just start dancing. It is really funny to see them get so excited. I'm thinking of video taping their reaction. It is priceless!
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Smooth operation

Zack did really well with the surgery. The doc said he had one minor speed bump. He ended up vomiting so they had to put in an IV. After that everything went well. We just have to watch him today to make sure there is no sickness.
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Ready for surgery

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Zack's surgery

Zack has his surgery tomorrow. It was originally scheduled for 10:40am, which I was a little worried about. I didn't know how Zack would handle no food or drink all morning. However, we received a call this morning from the hospital to change his surgery to the first surgery of the day. Now he is scheduled for 7:30am. Please say a little prayer for all of us. I am sure it will be fine, but momma has to worry a little (it is in the mom pledge they make you say before you can take your kids home). I will update tomorrow after the surgery.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy 2011! Birthday Shout Outs!!

For New Years we had the Phillips down from RR. The kids LOVED showing Arrie our new place. While mommy and daddy loved hanging out with Brandi and Graham. I could tell we are getting old because we BARELY made it to the ball dropping. Right after it did eventually fall, we all went to bed. So S-A-D!! We are currently trying to talk the Phillips into moving out of RR and heading this way. We'll see how well it goes.

I do want to say GET WELL UNCLE DEAN!! Right before New Year's day he ended up falling and breaking his leg so bad he had to be in the hospital for two nights. He had surgery to place a rod and screws in. Poor guy!! So he and Crystal spent New Years in the hospital.

My New Year resolutions for 2011.... It is sad but I have already fallen a little on one. My first is to update my blog more often. Now that I have a smart phone I should be able to do a post insanely easy. All I have to do is write a quick email or take a photo and send it to the blog. My goal is pretty lofty. I would like to double how many posts I had last year. I ended the year with 102 posts. My goal this year is to have at least 208. That would be about 4 a week. Yes, I had a VERY slow start, but I'm coming back with a vengeance and I am planning on keeping this goal.
My 2nd goal is to run in more 5ks this year. Due to all of our sicknesses and the cold I probably will have to start over the "couch potato to 5K" in March. Until then I have been doing Just Dance 2 four to five times a week. What is this you ask? Well it is a new Wii game. It is so much fun. You copy what the dancers are doing in front of you. It is also a SUPER workout. The songs range from Proud Mary, Jump, Monster Mash and so much more. They also have Russian dances (so hard), Belly dances, Charleston, Hip Hop, etc. Not only is this a great workout, but a LOT of fun. Everyone that comes to the house, we show them the game and make them play. So these are my resolutions. What are yours?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SEVERAL PEOPLE!!! I have been so caught up lately. I have missed Uncle Michael's Birthday back on the 18th of December, Cousin Aaden's Birthday on January 2nd, and Aunt Amy's Birthday on January 9th. We love you all. Hope you had a WONDERFUL birthday!!

Christmas Eve, Day and 26th

On Christmas Eve we have a tradition to celebrate with my dad's family. We go to Biscoe, NC to celebrate. This year our kids were running around. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures. I believe Mamaw took a few and I will steal some of hers later to post. We exchanged gifts and spent time with cousins, great-aunts, and great-uncles. Once it was time to leave we headed to Mamaw and Papaw's house. We watched Miracle on 34th street until it was bedtime. I should also mention that Bentley made it home. He actually arrived the day before. The doctors all told Stacy and Kevin that it would be fine as long as he wasn't passed around.
Christmas morning we all awoke early to see what Santa brought us. Santa was extra generous!! The kids received a kitchen/grill set from Santa. They LOVED it!! At first we couldn't get any one to open gifts. They all wanted to play with the set.

Then something odd happened. It started snowing on Christmas day. This is VERY unusual in NC. It is once in a lifetime. The last time it snowed (other than a dusting 20 years ago) on Christmas day was back in 1960 something (according to the news). So since the snow started coming, Mike ended up leaving so he could get back to RR. It was his last week he had to work there and he didn't want to get stuck outside RR and not be able to work on Monday.

The rest of us enjoyed getting out and playing in the snow.

After we played in the snow for a while we headed for the Graves' (mom's family) side for their Christmas party. I tell you, the kids received SOOOOOO much stuff over the week of Christmas.

On Monday morning we celebrated Aaden's 2nd birthday. I just can't believe he is already 2!

That afternoon the kids and I headed back home. I needed to get back so I could get Zack seen by our pediatrician. We had a WONDERFUL Christmas. Thank you Mamaw and Papaw. We love you!!!