Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow pics

We took the twins out yesterday for a brief minute to get a quick picture. Enjoy!! We ended up with about 7"-7.5" yesterday. It isn't supposed to get above freezing until Monday (39 degrees), so this will be around for a while.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

So Much...

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. There are so many firsts for the twins.

"So much" talking going on. The twins have said their first words. Back on the 17th Zack said Mama. That's right...mama was his first word. Then a week later, on the 21st was Maddie's first word. She said "dada". When Zack said mama, daddy has done nothing but repeat dada in front of Maddie's face to make sure she was going to say his name (so funny).

"So much" cuteness! I have seen so many cute things that the twins have done! Grabbing and eating toes, eating incredibly messy, and even napping together so cutely. I have pictures below. They have both discovered their toes, but Maddie is able to eat her toes. During their naps Maddie always wakes up hitting, kicking, or beating her brother.

"So much" sickness. One of the reasons there have not been posts these last two weeks is sickness. Michael came down with Pink Eye. So daddy has not been allowed to get near the twins this past week. Mommy has been on her own this week with them. Mommy ended up catching a cold on Monday. So it has been a rough week. Zack caught my cold on Thursday and more than likely Maddie will be getting it soon. We are hoping for a speedy recovery for everyone.

"So much" snow. As I'm writing this we are in a snowstorm. I have lived in Eastern NC now for over 5 years and I can count the inches (before today) on one hand that I have seen. At 5am this morning we had 4 1/2 inches. At 7:30am it was up to 5 1/2". It isn't supposed to stop until after Midnight tonight. The weathermen are calling for 8-12". I'll keep updating the blog throughout the day to let you know how much we end up with. We were planning on being out of town this weekend. There were baby showers and 80th Birthday parties we were planning on attending, we apologize to everyone that we canceled on. April E. congrats (I have a baby gift I'll be sending in the mail)! Happy Birthday Carolyn! Happy Birthday Stacy!! We love you all!!!

7:30am Snow count:

12pm - we are up to 7".

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Baby Dedication

Today was a very special day. Our church had a baby dedication and Zack and Maddie, along with two other babies were among the babies dedicated to God. We were blessed to have Mamaw, Papaw, Gram, Grampy and Great-Great Aunt Madelin to join us.

Yesterday my mom and I went out shopping to try and find a dressy outfit for both Zack and Maddie. We ended up finding a dress shirt and tie for Zack and a blue dress for Maddie to match brother.

During the special music today there was a video of all the babies that have been born over the last year whose parents or grandparents were members of the church. We have a video of it below. When Maddie and Zack's pictures popped up everyone awwed and ooed. I submitted 4 pics (2 together and 1 individual each). The 2nd picture was their 3 month picture together where they are in their UNC outfits. Everyone in the congregation just let out a chuckle. I mean a huge chuckle! After the special was the actual dedication. Our preacher asked all three families come up on the stage. He spoke about each baby and the parents. It was funny during the entire service Zack and Arrie (our friend's baby) was asleep. While Maddie and a little boy named Brady were WIDE awake. Maddie caught the eye of Brady and then he got so excited. He was babbling as loud as he could. Maddie kept talking back, but very quietly to where only those of us on stage could hear and it made Brady get louder and louder trying to talk to Maddie. So our Maddie has already learned how to get the boys in trouble by flirting. They were each blessed with Holy Water and were prayed over individually. I was so proud of both of my babies. I just couldn't get over how blessed we are to have not one, but two incredibly healthy, beautiful children. We had to wait, what we feel like, was a long time to receive them, but we think God had this plan all along, and wanted us to know what it is like to be truly grateful for the gift of life and to be able to cherish such a miracle. Praise be to God!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sesame Street party

Happy Birthday Aaden! Saturday the 2nd I got to have the honor of hosting my nephew's 1st Birthday Party. He LOVES Elmo so the theme was easy to decide. I did a lot of research on Elmo and the rest of the gang over at Sesame Street. There are so many people I HAVE to thank, Mom, Dad, Stacy, Kevin, Crystal, Sandra, and of course my husband for all their help.

Below there is a picture of the mantel. I got some great inspiration from Maddy Cakes. I made the banner using my Cricut and Sesame Street cartridge. Thanks to Christmas gifts we had Tickle Me Elmo to put as the focus on the mantel. I put out some Chinese lanterns in the main colors (blue, red, yellow and green) and then also displayed some Sesame Street books. For Christmas we found a particular Sesame Street book on Shutterfly that makes anyone the star of the book. On each page it has a picture of Aaden helping the gang out by finding all the A's that went missing. Also, Target had a few books in the dollar spot.

I got the inspiration for the Elmo/Cookie Monster cups from Hostess with the Mostess. On her website she did Cookie monster cups, but I decided to do both the red and blue monsters.

I took one of my large glass cylinders and wrapped it with green paper and then took a glass ball and put up top. Then I created a sign to make it look like the famous Sesame Street lamp post. Also on the food table I made a large A and the number 1 out of Styrofoam and then put googly eyes to make them look like the fun letters on Sesame. I then put out our stuffed animals like Big Bird, Zoe, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and others like Jen's website. Unfortunately I don't have a great picture of the candy buffet. But below are a few before I put out the rest of the food/cupcakes.

The centerpieces I made by using the cricut again. I then taped the designs on paper plates glued to wooden dowels which were in potted bowls. I then filled the bottom with Cookie Crisps (I don't have a picture of the finished product, but have them without the cookie crisps.)

Aaden's birthday hat I made really fast! I made it around 1am the night before. The cupcakes I had help with. I got the inspiration from this website. I did run into a problem, because my icing wasn't sturdy enough, so thanks to my aunt Sandra for coming over helping fix them. We used half a Oreo for the mouth and on cookie monster we used large marshmallows while for Elmo we used small marshmallows. For Elmo's nose I used a orange M&M.

The games I found on Ebay. Harold was great. You can ask him to make any type of character.I found Elmo and Big Bird balloons which were a HUGE hit with both Aaden and other kids their age. Aaden kept trying to tackle them both.
Mom thank you for helping with the centerpieces, food, and everything else! Stacy and Kevin thank you for helping with the small details. Crystal thank you for keeping me sane and helping set up. Sandra thank you for saving the day with the cupcakes. Dad thank you for delivering things we kept forgetting. And especially thank you to my husband for realizing how crazy I can get when it comes to parties!

Below are a few more pictures of everyone celebrating the life of my nephew. Enjoy!

Zack sitting up

Zack sat up for a whole minute on Tuesday Dec. 29th.

Christmas/New Year's

Happy 2010 everyone! I have been on a very nice and long vacation. Last night was the first night I have slept in my bed since Dec. 19th. We have all been on the go so much!

Christmas Eve the twins and I (along with my mother, father, sister, bro-in-law, and nephew) went to the McCaskill Christmas get together. Poor Michael had to work, so he met up with us later that night. This was the first chance a lot of my dad's side of the family has been able to see the twins. We had a wonderful meal and then we opened gifts.Maddie opening gifts with Mamaw and Great Aunt Susan.

Zack opening gifts with mommy.

McCaskill women and kids.

McCaskill Men and kids

After the dinner we went back to mom and dad's and met up with Michael. We watched a couple of Christmas movies and then went to bed so Santa could come. Christmas day we all woke up to a room FILLED with gifts. Santa had been VERY good.

The twins racked up with clothes and toys. Mommy and Daddy also received a lot of goodies from the family.
After gifts we all played with our new toys and watched movies the rest of the day. It was such a wonderful time!! The next day was the Graves' family Christmas. Over the last few weeks I had been working on family recipe cookbooks. They turned out really well. I was extremely proud to hand them out. Everyone of the family members really seemed to like them. We also had another round of gifts to open from all the aunts and uncles and another WONDERFUL dinner!
The twins holding the twins

On Tuesday we all went to Grampy's and Grandma's and had our Christmas then. A couple of days there and more gifts and more GREAT food, we then went to Gram's and Pop's for New Year's Eve. We had yet another great meal and another round of gifts.
Callie holding Maddie's hand while Gram reads a book.

Madelin with Great-Great Aunt Madelin

We had such a WONDERFUL Christmas. Thank you everyone for everything over the last few weeks.