Saturday, November 30, 2013

Elf on the Move

Dash must have known we were leaving to come home today.  He was found in the car hiding behind Maddie's TV screen.  Silly Dash!

Cookies with Grandma

Friday night we were back at Grampy and grandma's house.  Grandma and the kids made sugar cookies for Christmas.  They had so much fun rolling out the dough, using cookie Christmas cutters, and using sprinkles!  Yes it was a mess, but that is what makes the best memories!!

Grammy and Pop Visit

Friday after breakfast we headed to Grammy and Pop's for a short visit.  We got to have a wonderful visit. We also let them open their Christmas gift from all the kids.  We got to see Aunt Sue, Aunt Kim, Uncle Roger, Aunt Debbie, and Uncle Dwayne.  The kids also watched a movie and decorated foam Christmas trees. It was a quick visit, but wonderful!!

Elf on the Shelf is Back

Friday morning we had a special guest from our elf on the shelf.  That's right, Dash is back.  He showed up with a special breakfast for the kids along with Callie and Cayden's elf, Holly.  They brought Snowmen doughnuts, Christmas socks and letters.  I can't wait to see what crazy things Dash will be getting into this year.


Thursday, we woke up and enjoyed the day. Around lunch we had our Thanksgiving meal.  It was so delicious!

Afterwards, Grampy and Grandma watched the kids for us so Us parents could go shop for some black Friday deals.  The guys were such troopers waiting in line patiently.  Here is a picture of how they kept theirselves busy:

Even I got in on some clowning around:

We got lucky and scored what we wanted. Hooray!!!

Traveling Wednesday

Wednesday afternoon, we packed up the car and headed out for Thanksgiving vacation. We had a quick stop in Asheboro to drop off Trapper at Mamaw and Papaw's.  We made it to Castle Hayne around dinner time.  After dinner the kids immediately played hard!!  They were so cute!

Here they are modeling their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gear:

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.  There is so much to be thankful for.  Count your blessings and name them one by one, and you will realize that God has blessed you greatly. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

Monday, at school we had our annual Thanksgiving feast.  This year, Maddie and Zack were in a play and they both played pilgrims.  They did such a great job!!

Warning: I did not take this video.  I had another mom (since I am helping out with the play).  It is very shaky and if you have tendency to get easily sick, fast forward a little bit.

Our Singers

Sunday, Maddie and Zack sang at church with their kids choir.  They sang "thank you meal recipe" and "Carrots and Peas".  Enjoy!!

Broken 10 miles

Saturday I FINALLY did it!!!  I got past 10 miles in running.  I ended up running 11.13 miles.  If only I can find a way to add 2 more and I will be able to actually run the whole thing.  Keep praying for me!!

Sports Clinic Medalist

Well, Zack finished up his 6 week sports clinic last Wednesday.  I am so proud of the amount he has learned in such a short time.  Wednesday, coach Roderick had cupcakes and medals for all the boys that completed the clinic.  We will definitely be signing Zack up for more later!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dog sitting

We are dog sitting for our friends Kayla and Steven.  They had to go back to Texas for funeral so we volunteered to watch Maggie.  The kids have been obsessed with her and love playing with her.  For trapper though is not a fan!  Haha!!

Brother and Sister Fighting

Sunday during naptime I let the kids sleep in the same room. This was a big mistake!  The next thing I knew, Zack came in my room screaming that Maddie bit him.   At first I didn't think it was that bad because I didn't know where it was that she bit him. Two hours later when I saw his face is when I realized what really happened.  Poor Zack, Maddie bit him so hard she left a mark and is still there two days later.  She was severely punished!  However, I want to share this because I think years from now they will look back and this would be something they will laugh about.

Back to running

You might have noticed I haven't mentioned running in a while.  I ended up taking time off.  Some of it was intentional, and some of it was unintentional due to our crazy schedule.  I ended up taking a month off of long-distance running which I shouldn't have done!  So last week I decided to get back at it.  I ended up running 8 miles last Saturday.  This past Saturday I was supposed to run nine but I really didn't want to repeat a week so I decide to go ahead and run 10 while I was out.  I really want to reach this goal!!!!

Unexpected date night

Mid Friday morning Papaw called and said he wanted to come get the kids for the night.  Mommy was just as excited as the kids!!  They left around lunch and that's when mommy went to work!  I cleaned out the kids playroom.  I went through their toys and tried to get rid of the ones I don't play with any longer.  I also tried to shampoo the carpet, because it was disgusting!!  

Once daddy got home he and I went out to a Japanese steakhouse, which we haven't done in years!  then Saturday morning I slept in until eight 8 AM.  Thank you Papaw and Mamaw!!

Open gym

On Friday we had a MOPS play date at a local Gymnastics place.  The kids always love runnning around there on the trampoline and the bars.

Yogurt treat

Is daddy was off of work on Monday we all went out to eat after Zacks basketball practice.  For a special treat we went and got yogurt after dinner.  The kids love to pile on the toppings, it was a lot of fun!

Basketball star

We officially started basketball!  Monday the 11th was our first practice.  It was really hard for mommy to watch without correcting Zack since mommy actually knows how to play the sport.  But for his first time ever playing he did really well!

Grammy's Visit

I'm Sunday greatly came to visit us after church.  The kids had so much fun playing with her!  Monday was a holiday for the kids got to stay home and spend a few more hours of Grammy before she had to leave.  Thank you Grammy for coming and visiting us!!!

Chick-fil-A birthday party

Saturday the 9th, The kids were invited to a birthday party at Chick-fil-A.  It was a lot of fun!  They got to play on the playground, go back and see where things were made in the kitchen, and eat delicious food. They also got to see the cow.  

Bobcats Game

I sincerely apologize for getting so behind on posts.  It was not my intention to let this get behind!!

Back on Friday, the 8th, Mike and I had a date night.  We got to go to the bobcats game in Charlotte.  This was no regular game, we got to go to the suite.  It was a lot of fun, even though the bobcats didn't win.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Wednesday was Zack's last swim practice.  Next week we start basketball. I loved that Zack enjoyed swimming, but I was happy to see it go.  It was tough getting to church so the kids could eat.  I think he enjoyed his time swimming though!!