Thursday, November 7, 2013

Honoring the Life of Eleanor Fuller

Last Tuesday we received word that Eleanor Fuller (mother of Gregory Fuller) had lost her battle with cancer.  When Mike and I lived in Warrenton we used to go dancing with Eleanor, her husband William, and several other couples that love to shag.  In fact, Eleanor is the one that introduced us to Claire and Gregory.  She was such a wonderful woman. 

Back in July/August the doctors gave Mrs. Fuller weeks to a couple of months to live.  She still fought hard!  She asked me to sing at her funeral, which I knew would be hard, but I was honored.  Then the weekend of the wedding in Jacksonville, we knew things were getting grimmer.  Then Tuesday came when we received that dreaded phone call. 

Thursday, October 31st we traveled up to Warrenton, for the funeral.  The kids did so well!  We actually had to get to the church over an hour before the ceremony due to the turn out.  The kids again, were just so good.  The ceremony was so nice and they honored Eleanor so well.  She was a beach person and loved flip-flops so most people wore flip-flops in her honor.  I sang "Some call it Heaven, I Call it Home".  It truly was a blessing to know Eleanor Fuller!  She was a wonderful woman and she will be dearly missed!

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