Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Accident Prone Child

Our accident prone child had a little accident this afternoon. Before I go on, don't worry she is fine and she is only suffering from a minor scratch.

This afternoon when the kids were "napping" I heard a big boom upstairs. At first I didn't worry. I usually hear booms from Zack jumping around. Well a few seconds later I heard screams. So I went sprinting upstairs expecting to find Zack into trouble, but instead I heard the screams coming from Maddie's room. I opened the door and there she was with a small standing shelving unit (the one with the ballet slippers on it) on top of her well really her holding it up from falling over. I turned the lights where I saw Maddie's face covered in blood. You want to talk about a scared mommy, I was terrified. I grabbed the shelf put it back, it had blood on it and my first thought was "let's go to the hospital".. So I yelled at Zack to get up and get his shoes on so we could go (poor thing, I scared him to death). By now Maddie had stopped crying and she was talking constantly like normal. So, I started thinking a little more clearer. I then grabbed a wash cloth and tried to wipe her down to try and figure out where the blood was coming from and just how severe her injuries were. I didn't know if it was her head, nose, and/or mouth. I was also calling Michael and telling him what happened. He was heading out to go to a meeting and decided to swing by the house to check her out. By the time he got there I had cleaned her up and just found a scratch at her hair line. It wasn't deep and it had pretty much stopped bleeding. Maddie was acting normal so we decided she was fine. Here is a couple of pictures after I got her face cleaned up. She still had blood all in her hair, which she was the most upset about, but she looked much better! So, I have a feeling our accident prone child (apc) will be giving me many more panic moments to come.

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Amy and Michael said...

Glad that she only ended up with a small cut. Sounds like she scared you pretty good!