Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tutu Cute

I have been behind on posting the last few days.  There was a funny story that happened a few weeks ago that I just HAD to share.  Do you remember THIS post back in April?  Well...a few months ago we found some really cool pajamas for Zack (Buzz lightyear hand me downs) so to make Maddie's regular pajamas cool we pulled out her tutu to go over her regular PJs.  She started to get attached in a big way.  It was a struggle to get her dressed in the mornings.  So on a Thursday when I went shopping at Ikea, Maddie demanded to wear the tutu...so I let her.  Then for the next three days you couldn't get it off her.  Mamaw got her another tutu which she is wearing in the following picture.  If you look closely you can still see the blue tutu underneath the one she is wearing.  Yep, couldn't even take off the tutu when she had on another tutu.  When we went out to eat for Mamaw's birthday she again HAD to wear the tutu.  Somehow we eventually got them off her, but she hasn't seen a tutu since.  I'm afraid to let her see it, because I'm not sure she will take it off again.

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