Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Visits from family

On Saturday we had a visit from Grammy and Great-Great-Aunt Madelin.  They came to celebrate Mike's birthday and babysit for us while we went to a get together with our church.  The kids played so hard!  They colored, played with stickers, played with Mickey & Minnie, and played ball with Aunt Madelin.  Sadly we had to say goodbye on Sunday morning.  

After church we received another special visit.  This time it was a visit from Mamaw and Papaw.  After Michael opened his gifts Mamaw and I went shopping at Ikea.  LOVE that store.  Once the kids were up from their naptime they played a little with Mamaw and Papaw until they had to leave.  We had a wonderful weekend.  Thank you so much to Grammy, Aunt Madelin, Mamaw and Papaw for coming to visit!!

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