Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 2 of Disney

We wanted to be at the park right at 9am when they opened. We did so much and I'm having a hard time remembering, so I have actually went to Aunt Amy's blog and try and post some of the happenings on day 2. First, we ran right into Peter Pan and Wendy. We then entered Tinkerbell’s meet and greet and saw Rosetta and Tinkerbell. Maddie dressed up like Tinker, thanks to Callie and loved getting her picture taken with Tinkerbell. We then meet Pooh and Tigger, Gaston – who was one of our favorites. He was perfectly conceited to the tee…Maddie got up to him and showed him her muscles. The White Rabbit was one of Zack’s favorites. White Rabbit took some carrots from Cayden, so when we got home that night, Zack wanted me to go to the store to get carrots for Rabbit. Alice came running in as we were taking pictures so we got another shot with her and the Rabbit. We met Buzz right after we had just ridden the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. After Buzz we went to Monsters Inc. Comedy show and Michael R. and I rode Space Mountain and got back just in time. Once inside they asked for someone named Mike and Grampy got the fingers pointed toward him so he was up on the big screen and had to get up and dance. Zack said Grampy did the Chicken dance AWESOME. It was such a cute show. The next ride we did was, The Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid was a huge hit too. The kids loved driving at the Tomorrowland Speedway. Maddie drove with mommy and we were all over the place. I think she had a blast! We also waited to ride the teacups. Our Character dinner was Cinderella’s Royal Table. The girls loved dressing up with hair and makeup. The boys dressed up like knights using shields and breast plates. We were able to eat the most amazing meal and saw Jasmine, Snow White, Ariel, and Aurora. Maddie was with Snow White and when Ariel came out it was like no one else existed. Snow White had to hold her dress up higher so Maddie couldn’t see her and would smile. The boys got swords and the girls got the wands…they had a blast with that. As we were leaving we heard the fireworks starting. We were inside the castle and came down the main level. It was raining and so we got to watch them from inside. Talk about a magical moment. As we waited for the 11pm parade Grampy and Grandma bought Zacl a precious Minnie tote and Zack a hat. As we were waiting were had the most pleasant surprise. A magical light show appeared on Cinderella’s Castle and we had a perfect view. Due to a storm coming the parade got cancelled and so off we went. We tried the Ferry boat to get back and once we were home, we were out like lights!

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