Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

I am just now recuperated from my Black Friday. Thursday night we were off to the sale at Toys R Us. They were opening their doors at 10pm Thursday. We arrived at 9:30pm. When we got there the line was already 2 miles long. I'm not exaggerating!! I wish I had a picture. We decided that our "$5" off was not worth it. We then went to WalMart. Their sale was going to start at 12am. We got all of our toys and then we were about to pay for those when we noticed that they were handing out tickets for the big ticket items that were going to go on sale at 5am. So we jumped in our lines. Mom was in the line for a laptop and I was in line for a TV. Wal-Mart wouldn't allow you to leave your line for more than 15 minutes or you forfeited the item. So...we had our reliever (dad) to come let mom out to go get some coffee, pay for the things in our cart, and use the restroom. Then mom came to relieve me for a few minutes. By 5am we got our respective items. I then headed to Radio Shack to pick up a couple of things as well. Then we three got breakfast and headed to the house where it was just in time for all the kids to wake up. After we fed them, Stacy and mom were back out while I watched the kids. I did catch a 2 hour nap once they got back.

I got my TV though. However, I was joking in line with the couple in front of me. "When I look at this TV, will I resent it? Will I hate looking at it thinking I stood in line all night for this?" However, once I got rest, I was fine and am thrilled I got a great TV for insanely cheep!

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