Friday, December 10, 2010

Week 2 of the new house...

So this is only the second week the kids and I have been in the house. I must say that I now have tremendous respect for single moms and military spouses. It has been incredibly hard to be alone with no help. So Stacy and other military are my heroes!! I don't know how you do this for months on end. I at least get to see Mike on the weekends. There is an end in sight. I only have three weeks left. And one of those weeks we will all be together for Christmas, so not much longer. Right now during the day all I do is keep the kids from killing each other or the dog. Once it is time for bed I work on Christmas gifts and pick up from the madness. I end up going to bed after midnight and then get up and do it all over again.

As far as my house goes...right now it looks like a bomb went off. There are boxes of Christmas decorations out, toys everywhere, baby clothes all in a pile (I'm trying to put up summer clothes), bowls/lids everywhere (the kids keep getting into my cabinets and pulling out my plastic containers). I'm looking forward to Michael getting here tomorrow so he can just watch the kids while I get some housework done.

This week I did get out and about twice. Once for a checkup w/ the kiddos and the other time was to shop/see Santa. Boy did they not like him. Below is the picture to prove it. I think I will cherish this picture forever!! I think the best pictures with Santa are the ones where kids don't seem to be too happy. Enjoy!!

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