Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bentley Update

Sorry that I did not get a chance to report about Bentley yesterday. The wedding took up all day, not to mention that I had to take Zack to Urgent Care first thing in the morning due to a double ear infection. I tried using our new phones, but quite haven't figured out how to use blogger with it.

Saturday he had a little bit of a slip. They now think that Bentley has full blown pneumonia. He did have to use more oxygen. They said that he will have to be in there for 7-10 days.

Today's update: GOOD day today! He is registering high with Jaundice, but they aren't worried about that. They had him under a light all day today and will continue tonight. They were able to take out the IVs today and he has gained 2 1/2 ozs. Stacy and Kevin were allowed to hold him today and he opened his eyes. Mom and Aunt Sharon went down this morning and arrived this evening. They left tonight to go get Aaden and take care of him. So today was a good day. Tomorrow we are hoping to see a big improvement. Stacy was originally told that day 5 they should see a huge improvement. So lets all pray that tomorrow will be a GREAT day!

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