Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bentley Maysonet is here!

Sometime after 2pm today Bentley came into the world and he was 5lbs. 9oz. Now there are some complications currently and I will update as I hear more. From what I know so far...
Right after he was born it appeared that he had a lot of fluids in his lungs. So Stacy or Kevin didn't get to see him, he was immediately wheeled off to the nursery so that they could work on him. At 4pm Stacy and Kevin finally got word that they believe that Bentley has pneumonia b/c they saw a spot on his lungs. He is currently going to be transported to either Jacksonville, FL or Savannah, GA so he can be put in a NICU. Stacy and Kevin want him to go to J'ville b/c it is closer for them, but the Dr. is pushing for Savannah since she used to work there. Stacy and Kevin did get a chance to see him through the glass around 4:00pm today. She said he doesn't have a tube down his throat (which is a good sign), but he is having a real hard time breathing. She told me he looked like Zack when he has his attacks, which is his chest is constantly searching for air. Bentley is currently hooked up with IVs and has been put on oxygen. He also has been given a steroid to help his lungs. Stacy is going to be discharged in the morning and go to whichever hospital that Bentley is in. Please keep the entire family in your prayers.

As I mentioned earlier, I will update the blog when i hear more.

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Anonymous said...

Please let Stacy and Kevin know that we are keeping Bentley and them in our prayers. Doctors are so knowledgable today and I am sure he is in good hands. Love to all!

Greg and Debbie