Thursday, March 13, 2014

Disney shirts

I am now complete in making Disney shirts for all the gang that is going to Disney with us.  I have made 17 shirts in the last 2 weeks.  I might have to make 3 more.  I pulled a major April moment yesterday!  I went to the post office to mail out Amy and Stacy's family shirts, because I'm worried about the fit for the kids. I had all 8 shirts in one arm and trying to get the kids out of the car with he other arm.  It was raining too.  I got one of the kids out and I felt the shirts slip out of my arm.  The top 3 landed in a puddle of mud.  I was literally feet from the post office door.  Ahhhh!!!  So, they all 3 happen to belong to Amy.  So Amy, I am soooooo sorry and I will be happy to make 3 new ones. Just make sure they fit.  I mailed them anyway, b/c I can always bring the new ones with me down to Florida.  

Anyway, here are the shirts.  I didn't take pics of the Rhymer or Maysonet families' before I mailed them, but they look the same.  

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