Saturday, October 3, 2009

Smiley Faces

I have FINALLY caught the smiley faces on camera! For the last few weeks everytime someone would smile I would try to get the camera out and take their picture. However, as soon as I would pull out the camera they would look at me like "what do you think you are doing?" They would give me this blank stare. BUT, this week I carefully snuck up on them and took the picture before they could change their smile into a mad look. I also have another picture of both Mike and Zack "posing" in the same way. ENJOY!!

Tomorrow will be TWO months! I can't believe it! We can finally start taking them out (our Doc told us we should wait until they are two months before we take them anywhere). Tomorrow will be their first trip to church. Then over the next few weeks will be their first trips to Asheboro and Jacksonville, so for all the family that will be in those areas we WANT to see you all!!

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