Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Trip to J-ville

This past weekend was the twins' first trip to Jacksonville. We arrived Friday night and just in time for their last feeding and Gram and Pop (Debbie and Greg) were willing to help. Due to them sleeping on the way it was not a good night of sleep. Every 30-45 minutes Maddie kept waking up and crying. Mike and I took turns going and trying to get her to quiet down. On Saturday we hung out in the morning and then in the evening Grampy and Grandma (Mike and Pam) came over to babysit while Gram, Pop, Michael and I attended a wedding. Unfortunately, they left before we returned so I was not able to take pictures of them with Zack and Maddie, but we will be there for Thanksgiving and I will be getting LOTS of pictures then!

Sunday we had a few visitors. Great Aunt Sue came over and then Pappy and Mimi (I think that is what they are wanting to be called, it was Zack and Maddie's great-grandparents, aka Shirley and Whitey). We had to leave a little early to go pick up Trapper. Below are a couple of pictures of Zack and Maddie the way we see them when we are driving. We have a mirror so that we can see them while we drive.

Zack and Maddie are now able to hold their heads up! YEAH!! So I'm now putting them in the Bumbo chairs to sit them up. However, they don't like it for very long right now. I think when they learn that they can pick up toys with their hands they will like it better.

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lacey said...

so sweet! they are getting soooo big! i can not get over it! miss and love you guys bunches!