Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jamaica-Day 2

On Thursday, mike and I went to the gym to try and work off some of the amazing food.  Then afterwards we went for breakfast and ate more of the food, haha!  Then we were all out on the beach to soak up some rays.  Around 12:30ish or 1:00pm it started to rain, so we went and got lunch.  In telling you, the Jerk Beef burgers were amazing!  After lunch we had a couples massage.  Since, the couple before us showed up late, and wasn't done, Mike and I got to have our massages out in the beach hut for no extra cost.  It was amazing.  Then, we went back to get ready for dinner.

  I know it sounds like all we did was eat, but honestly, we did more.  However, we did eat a LOT!  The dinner was out on the beach Thursday night.  It was beautiful!  They ha lots of entertainment too.  They had a small band, a man breathing fire, and then a large band playing all kinds of dance hits.  Around 10, us four hit the piano bar to sing with Thomas (the piano player) again. After someone would sing he would immediately say "that was beau-TEE-ful, beau-TEE-ful, beau-TEE-ful".  He got me to sing 3 songs that night.  Since he would be off Friday and Saturday night, I made sure to get a picture with him before we left.

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