Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jamaica - Day 1

Mike and I will be celebrating our ten year anniversary this year.  To commemorate the event, we decided to take a big trip.  Another one of our friends (Claire and Gregory Fuller) are also celebrating 10 years and mentioned that we should all go to where they went on their honeymoon, Couples Resort in Negril, Jamaica.  So we did!

We left early Wednesday (21st) morning.  Once we landed in Jamaica, we had a 1.5 hour bus ride to our resort.  So we got to see a lot of the country.  It was a huge difference from USA in that there really is no middle class there. There were rich people and then poor people.  Beautiful scenery though!  

Once we checked in, we had an amazing lunch, took a nap, then enjoyed their amazing dinner.  We took in a show and then went to the piano bar to sing out some tunes.  It was a really fun night!!!

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