Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pantene Challenge

I have always wanted to donate my hair.  A little over two months ago I looked into what was required.  I discovered that there was Locks of Love and Pantene.  I asked around and found out that Locks of Love charge cancer patients for their wigs (which really angered me!).  I also discovered that Locks of Love required 12" of hair while Pantene only required 8".  So I asked around for some beauticians and found out that there was a girl in our church.  Tuesday I finally went and got it all chopped off.  I had over 10l.  Maybe up to 12".  The lady (Josie) said that she suspects with the thickness of my hair it should almost make a whole wig by itself.  Pretty cool!  So...without further adieu... Here it is:

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Amy and Michael said...

Awesome!! Love this and the new cut! Wish I had the patience to do that!!