Friday, June 28, 2013

Lake Fun

I don't have pics yet (aunt crystal took them all).  We had a blast at Mrs. Erica and Mr Chris's house!!  On Saturday we went swimming in the lake, road in the boat again, and we got pulled in a raft by the boat.  Zack and Uncle Dean went really fast and Zack kept yelling for us to go faster, which scared mommy!!  Then Maddie went but lasted all of two seconds before she decided she was done!  Then Zack got back in with Mrs Erica.  We ended up stopping and they flipped out which scares Zack and he was done after that!  We had so much fun hanging out.  After the kids went down for bed, us adults played board games and then went swimming again.  Uncle Dean and I had a most creative jump contest.  Uncle Dean won with His Sleepy Time jump.  He jumped off the pier on his side like he was sleeping.  It was funny!!  It was a great time with great friends!!

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