Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Trouble Makers

I hate that I did not take pictures of this...but in the heat of the moment mommy wasn't too happy (though I did think about it, but I had left my phone downstairs).

This week the kids are getting earlier than normal because I have choir camp all week and they have to go with me.  So today I asked them to go to their own rooms and take a nap.  Then I said as long as they are in their own rooms with the door shut they don't have to nap just have to be quiet.  So 1.5 hours later I said they could come downstairs.  That's when I see Maddie with black eyeliner all around her eye and half down her cheek.  I stayed calm and asked her to show me wheat she got into.  She went into my room and I saw it...there was makeup foundation all over my dresser.  On my nightstand was an opened mascara bottle and black liquid all over my nightstand.  I asked who did this and of course Maddie said Zack did.  Zack came in my room and he too was covered with makeup.  After my yelling and punishments, I now find it quite funny!!  So wish I had evidence for blackmail later!


4fishing said...

That's the little darlings I know!! Funny

Amy and Michael said...

So wish I could see pictures of them and your face. Lol